Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 31 January 2016

Attempting To Try Out The New Bed!

What a Sunday I have had! 
Heard that Terry Wogan had died :(
Finished getting the last bit of Scout's uniform.
Finally won a mid-sleeper bed for my middle son.
My younger brother went over to pick it up and bring it back here.
Sorted out all my craft crap into bigger see-through boxes.
Hubby and Jack put the sleeper bed back together.
Trying to open a tin, my finger caught it, and wow look how much blood comes out of my finger!
My son is attempting to put all his crap back into his room.
At this rate, it might be Midnight by the time he sleeps in his new bed!

Saturday 30 January 2016

Picking It All Up

We have reached Saturday.
Still up early, got so much to do...
Went out in hubby's new car...
We picked up our new hamster called Harley.
Buried Milky in my dad's back garden.
(With lots of crying and a minute's silence)
Picked up my bulk load of lipsticks from Boots.
Had a free coffee from M&S
Then onto Waitrose,
As I picked up 2 Scout's shirts I bought from John Lewis.
Hubby is still coughing.
So he will be rubbed head to toe with Vicks Vaporub
By my very warm hands ;P


Friday 29 January 2016

The Smell Of A New Car....

Woo hoo it's Friday...
The weekend is soon here.
Enjoyed a half price breakfast at Webb's.
I left hubby to use his warm hands on Henry the hoover.
Even used a warm finger to put on the washing machine.
Hubby picked up his new car tonight.
I haven't actually gone out to look at it or look in it.
I peered through the window at it.
As it was too dark and raining...
The hunt for the Cabin bed continues....
Either too far away or too expensive!!

Thursday 28 January 2016

Goodbye Milky :'(

There has been a dark cloud over this house since last night.
Our oldest hamster, Milky (we had 3) had passed away.
We didn't want the children getting upset before school.
We have put him in a small Amazon box, ready to be buried in the garden.
Went to the same car showroom where hubby went on Sunday.
I enquired (or joked) how much they would give me for my Pink Princess for a part exchange.
They embarrassed themselves with the offer.....
I told them to stick their offer where the sun doesn't shine!
Since the kids came home, there has been non-stop tears over the deceased hamster.
I have high hopes happiness will return soon, a early night, and a hot chocolate might help!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Counting Down The Days......

Welcome to Hump Of The Week,
The green wellington boots came on during first shift of JOB 1
However after 10 minutes, it stopped raining.
Once finished, back home I go.
My hubby now realises I can talk a lot.
He is slowly recovering from his viral infection.
After a few days at home with me,
He will be well enough to go back to work, to give his ears a rest!
I have put my kid's names down for a Scout weekend.
I commented, "How we were looking forward to our own weekend away."
"You can't go too far, just in case,"I was told.
"Don't worry, we aren't leaving the country, just be holed up in a hotel with a four poster bed!"
"Do they know about the activities going to take place?"
"I do, I would love to go, my kids will so enjoy themselves doing them!" I replied.
Now to book that hotel.....

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Never Enough Batteries....

What a day I have had!
I takes hubby down to our A&E as he was coughing up blood during the night.
After 4 hours of being tested, he has got viral infection on his chest/throat.
So I will be looking after him with my warm hands :P
At Job 2 after they learnt of hubby not being well.
" No sex for you then!" Said one co-worker
"I'm alright, I have a rabbit!" I replied.
"You go through a lot of batteries then?"
"I buy in bulk" I laughed.
"I know of a industrial strength car battery charger if you run out of batteries," one replied.
"If you ever wonder why the lights dim around here, I am too blame!" I replied,winking back at them
The 3 men had chronic blushes, when I left. My work here was done!

Monday 25 January 2016

Bid,Bid,Bid, Damn It's Gone Too High!!!

Back on that wobbly work wheel...
The temperatures were going back up to 8c..:)
The plan today was to make 2 cards and do some yoga.
No chance!
First sort out the crap from recycling in one son's room.
Sew up some holes that appeared on their cuddly toys.
Then it was to try and bid for a Cabin bed.
The price was going up, up, up....
I stopped at £75.
The car salesman was trying to hunt my hubby down to see if he has changed his mind.
(As I held his balls firmly,) His answer was:
"Give me better price on my car!"
Now back to do some bidding....


Sunday 24 January 2016

I'm Starting To Look A Lot Like Dougal....

Hey hey hey it's Sunday...
I was looking a lot like Dougal the Dog, with a very large fringe (from Magic Roundabout)
So I had a trim of the fringe, and now I can see fully!
Enjoyed a free coffee and bargains at Waitrose.
I had fun with a car salesman who tried to take the piss with the part exchange price on my hubby's car.
I rolled my eyes when I saw the price he offered.
Hubby guessed I wasn't happy when I kicked his leg very hard under the table!!
So no car sale for the Salesman, and no upgrade for hubby.
Never mind, he hasn't quite got a Fred Flintstone car just yet!

Saturday 23 January 2016

Enjoying The Recipe Of Love..

The weekend starts here....
Had a lovely start to Saturday...
Tea in bed followed by a little love <3 <3 <3
We had a 2 hour window of having no kids.
They were watching the "Minions film" at the Library.
I bumped into loads of co-workers from my old job at Royal Mail.
Tried to find out a recipe from my huge stash of cooking books..
No luck :(
Good job Google came to the rescue....

Friday 22 January 2016

If Looks Could Kill!!!

Woo hoo it's Friday again.
The cold weather replaced by heavy rain.
Forgot to wear the green wellington boots for shift one of Job 1.
Off to Webb's for coffee, chat and bacon roll.
Had no duel on the way home unlike Monday.
Had £10 off voucher if you spend £50 off Amazon via email
So tempted......;P
The fun started on second shift of Job 1.
One mother driving a silver focus nearly parked her car up my backside.(while I was in the middle of the road,crossing the children over)
We both exchanged stares..(If looks could kill!) as she went pass me!
Now to practice eating my Chinese meal with chop sticks!

Thursday 21 January 2016

For The Love Of A Good Zap!

The weekend is creeping ever so near again.
I wore 2 hats for my first shift of Job 1.
As I was suffering from a head cold yesterday.
Tidied the house to the best of my ability.
With the help of various cups of damn fine coffee I have in my house to drink!
My new microwave has been delivered.
My hubby will be installing the new one,
This new microwave hasn't got a glass plate that goes round and round.
The food just gets zapped a lot!
I meanwhile, will be using the box for......
More craft crap,
 if I can get my kids to stop playing with it..\o/

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Oh, How Love The Taste Of Birthday Cake!

It was so so cold this morning.
Scraped the car...
It was minus 5c....
Once I finished first shift of Job 1,
 The temperature had gone up a bit to minus 4.5c
Joined in celebrations of my local library celebrating its 40th birthday
Cake, coffee and chat with old friends
 The temperature is going to go down to minus 3c  tomorrow morning
Time to warm the thermal knickers again!

Tuesday 19 January 2016

At Least Something's Warm!!

It was minus 4c overnight.
The thermal knickers were put on
Time to scrape the car.
It was minus 3.5c at the time of the first shift of Job 1
2 pairs of gloves, 2 scarves, and  7 layers of clothing under my big coat...
Nearly had a play with Henry the Hoover.
However I got wind of bargain.....
A pack of 6 Kilner jars for £4!!!!
You never have enough jam jars!
Thermal knickers are warmly nicely on the radiator,
At least something will be warm....
for  tomorrow..:P

Monday 18 January 2016

Touching The Arse!!

Back on the wobbly work wheel,
Got wet, and dodged cars on the 1st shift of JOB 1
Went to Webb's to enjoy coffee and toast.
On the way back home..
I experienced what Dennis Weaver put up with in the film "Duel"
This lorry driver was driving right up my arse!
 It was that close, I couldn't read his licence plate number.
Got to the traffic lights at Hanbury Turn Pub.
I was driving 5 mph as there was a queue at the Traffic lights.
The lorry driver  slammed his brakes on behind me!
It nearly took me out on the Aldi's roundabout.
Like Dennis Weaver in the film, I made it out alive....just!

Sunday 17 January 2016

Getting The Look!!

Woke up to see it was snowing...
Didn't last too long, all gone by dinnertime!
I dressed down today (far too cold to wear a dress)
I bought new large school shoes for my youngest son.
It might take a few weeks for him to break in those Doc Martins shoes..
Went to have a look in Waitrose for any bargains..
I had the "Pretty Woman look"off one member of staff
The look of "what are YOU doing in here ?"
The same look, Julia Roberts had when she walked into the posh shop on Rodeo Drive in the Pretty Woman film.
I just rolled my eyes loudly..
I handed over my Waitrose card,sipped my free coffee and  got the free magazine too boot!

Saturday 16 January 2016

Playing With Chopsticks

We were on the big shoe hunt today.
Mind you it was freezing...
Lots of layers to keep out the cold
Two pairs of new big sized trainers later..
 I had better watch out, they might be wearing my trainers soon!!
 More adult sized school shoes and PE pumps bought!!
Had a lovely takeaway M&S coffee...
For dinner I had takeaway Sweet and Sour chicken with noodles...
Even mastered using the chopsticks!

Friday 15 January 2016

Size Matters

We were supposed to have loads of snow over night!
Yeah right.....
Just a little sprinkle....
Still freezing cold.....
Went to Webb's for a half price breakfast...
Roll on the weekend...
As we are doing the shoe hunt.
Both children needing more big school shoes.
The way it's going..
 they will be wearing clogs....(they never wear out!)


Thursday 14 January 2016

Truly Madly Deeply

After having an early night I felt ready for another day.
Wearing several layers of clothing....the snow is coming....
I heard earlier the great Alan Rickman had died.
My middle son is named after his character in the film Truly,Madly,Deeply.
I have grew up watching his films, Die Hard, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves,Close My Eyes, & Help,I'm Fish.
I must be the only person in the world that hasn't watched Love Actually!
He has joined the many stars in the night time sky.
He leaves a legacy of some great films!

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Making The Most.....

Oh what fun day I had!
Firstly I was waiting 2 hours down the hospital,
As my youngest son had fractured his left wrist
(This happened at after school football the night before)
He now had a black and white bandage on his left arm for 3 weeks!
Did food shopping for other son as his is cooking at school tomorrow.(That's our tea)
To round off the day, both sons enjoyed their first time at Scouts for 2 hours.
Hubby and I enjoyed making the most of  some lovely adult time for 2 hours....;p

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Attempting A Bit Of Yoga.....

Time for the thermal knickers to come out.
It was brass monkeys time!
I kept warm by attempting Yoga and Pilates on the Wii
Got down on the gym mat....
The room nearly went dark when I tried to get back up from the floor ;p
I made lovely homemade butterscotch rice pudding tonight.Yum Yum
At least I can attempt to burn it off with the help of a warm hubby, and some even warmer hands.


Monday 11 January 2016

Just Keep Dancing

I heard the sad news of David Bowie passing away at 7am this morning.
He had a huge backlog of some brilliant songs.
My all time favourite is "Dancing In The Street" he sung with Mick Jagger 
Speaking of dancing,
The Wii and Exerbeat  came out for a play.
Did my half an hour of exercising.
That caused a few tremors around here !!!

Sunday 10 January 2016

Shaking My Tail Feather!

Hubby had a visit from Doctor Love last night.
He feels a lot lot better now ;P
We visited the new branch of M&S in Longbridge.
Wow and its massive was our views on it.
Had loads of reduced food (just waiting for me to add to my basket)
Didn't try their takeaway coffee, had a reduced price  smoothie instead.
It was getting so cold outside.
So back home, to try the new bag of M&S filter coffee we bought.
Then to dust down the wobbly work wheel for tomorrow...

Saturday 9 January 2016

Giving Out Some Loving.....!

Whoooooooosh we have reached Saturday.
Making the most of the weather (no rain or snow yet!)
Stocked up on my cleaning products.....
(My house is clean, yet I still have dirty mind!)
New mop (As I have worn the old one out)
Stocked up on meat and eggs too.
Hubby isn't feeling too well (no, it's not down to the rampant sex life we have either!!)
I am now wearing the nurse's outfit, 
Just inserted the cold thermometer somewhere....
Really should have warmed it up before I used it ;p

Friday 8 January 2016

Time To Dig Out The Thermal Knickers..!!

Woo hoo the weekend is nearly here.
Out comes the thermal knickers.
As we had a visit from Mr Frost.
Time to scrape the windscreen and de-ice the car.
7 layers of clothes under the big coat to keep out the cold.
By the time of the afternoon shift the sun came out,
The thermal knickers were off.
We are supposed to be having snow next week...
Time for the snow plow to be put on order...


Thursday 7 January 2016

Getting Wet Outside And In!

Woo hoo, the weekend is nearly here..
I had a feeling I was going to get wet some how.
When my son suggested I put on my green wellies
Before I started Job 1
I put the green wellies.
Then it stopping raining....
Collected my order from Lakeland afterwards.
As soon I stepped out of the store,
The rain came down,and I got wet walking back to the car!
In the afternoon, the sun came out :)
After I had a shower,
I got to use my favourite toy of the moment.....
The Hair dryer