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Friday 5 February 2016

Time To Get Down And Boogie!!

We finally reached Friday!
So glad I didn't go to Webb's today for coffee and chat.
As the way to Webb's was gridlocked.
My younger son was better enough to go back to school.
So I made the most of the day in Alcester.
Visited several charity shows and even popped into Waitrose!
Enjoyed the free coffee and free newspaper!!
Sad to hear the news of  the death of Maurice White.
The founder of Earth Wind and Fire.
His songs always make me get down and boogie!


Sunday 24 January 2016

I'm Starting To Look A Lot Like Dougal....

Hey hey hey it's Sunday...
I was looking a lot like Dougal the Dog, with a very large fringe (from Magic Roundabout)
So I had a trim of the fringe, and now I can see fully!
Enjoyed a free coffee and bargains at Waitrose.
I had fun with a car salesman who tried to take the piss with the part exchange price on my hubby's car.
I rolled my eyes when I saw the price he offered.
Hubby guessed I wasn't happy when I kicked his leg very hard under the table!!
So no car sale for the Salesman, and no upgrade for hubby.
Never mind, he hasn't quite got a Fred Flintstone car just yet!

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Time For The Free Coffee!

I popped into Droitwich this morning, 
To try and sign up for the one day Creative Writing course at the weekend.
The Librarian opened the book to add my name to the other names doing the course.
There were no other names.
Oh dear...
On the positive side.
Got a lovely ornament about cake making.
Popped into my favourite store,Waitrose.
I had my free coffee and magazine!

Sunday 11 January 2015

Raiding The Bargains....

We visited Alcester to get some Charity Shop bargains.
We popped into six Charity shops....
Got some really good bargains.
Even popped into Waitrose for my free coffee and magazine
Got some reduced food as well ;).
Nice couple of hours out, in non-windy, dry weather  for once.