Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 31 July 2016

Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Today was for tiding up the house.
Warm hands needed!
Kids had a large bedroom to tidy.
The pinny was on, and so to tiding downstairs.
Sprinkled some
Even my mate Henry came out to play!
Larry was sulking he wasn't coming out for a long ride...
 Now to light my fire..with a very hot curry

Saturday 30 July 2016

Enjoying Larry & Cola

We made the most of Larry being back!
Gave him a good ride to Droitwich.
Parked in the Waitrose car park.
Lots of Land Rover drivers were having a good look at Larry.
Had free coffee...
Then Larry had a quick play on the grass of Webb's car park!
We now of an owner of a grey hamster called Cola
We travelled to a Rehoming charity in Telford
 (Small Furries:Rescue and Rehoming on Facebook)
 (Their website:


Friday 29 July 2016

My Special Dad x

We enjoyed coffee and toast at Webb's this morning.
Made my dad's Birthday card when I got back
Visited my dad with card and present
Wished him a Happy Birthday.
Pity there was no sign of my two brothers....grrrrr
I got the call that Larry was ready.
Heard how much it going to cost me.
Direct hit to my bank account!
At least he is back!!


Thursday 28 July 2016

Saying Goodbye :'( Part 3

Our long haired gold hamster called Ruby didn't make appearance at all.
Investigating further, poor Ruby had died :'(.
This is the third hamster to die in the last six months :(
Mostly from old age :'(
So we now have just Smokey Blue hamster left.
Hubby and I have been in mourning today,
The kids haven't been as upset as we have.
We laid Ruby to rest, where our other 3 hamsters are buried...
Waving Goodbye to Ruby,
Saying Hello to Larry, as hopefully he is back tomorrow! 


Wednesday 27 July 2016

Burnt Offerings..

Welcome to my Hump of the Week
Filled up Flask & Cool Box
We were out of here...
On road trip to  Evesham.
We had a good sort out and handed 93 books into the Book Recycle Shop
Kids played football (until they started arguing, and sulking)
Picnic by the river
Then they played in the large sand pit area.
Now to make the most of the remaining sunshine
Time to use our chimney in our front garden!

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Shake,Shake, Shake The Tree

After playing with gear stick late into the night,
I woke up early and played a bit more with it (Hubby's not complaining!)
We went once more around the lake.
Someone's football got stuck in a tree.
I offered to climb the tree..
If I had attempted to get into the tree,
It would end up like a Weeping Willow,
Plus it didn't fancy get stuck up there!
So Jack got up in the tree.
Lots of Shake,shake, shake of the branches..
 Two brothers helped too.
Hey hey the ball was retrieved!

Monday 25 July 2016

Somewhere Over The Rainbows..

Time to escape from the house...
No Wobby Work Wheel for 6 weeks!
Dropped off Larry at the garage for his service.
The mechanic joked: "Surprising it can still drive!"
Enjoyed teacake, coffee and chat in the cafe at M&S
Later on, time to let the kids burn some energy off playing football around
 the nearby Lake...
There was a double rainbow over the house tonight :)
They looked really nice...:)



Sunday 24 July 2016

A Little Bit Of Adult Time!

The morning consisted of lie-in, tea and a little bit of love...
Children went off with their dad..
Now for some adult time...
It took us FOUR times to decide on a table ..
Not this fussy about the food!
We had a lovely carvery, with my dad :)
I wrote the list of things we have got for Larry.
As he is going in for a full service tomorrow.
Found a guest near the money tree...


Saturday 23 July 2016

Showing The Red Card!

We are only into the 1st day of the School Holidays..
Already had squabbles, arguments, the bored word mentioned, and the removal of pocket money.

By the end of the 6 weeks holiday I am not going to have a voice, and have lots of grey hairs!
Tomorrow they are seeing their dad for the first time in months..
We will see if they play up for him or he if loses his temper....
The 21st present I bought my older son, was not collected.......
So I handed the contents to  our local Charity Shop and
gave a £80 donation. 
Roll on tomorrow \o/


Friday 22 July 2016

School's Out For Summer!

Today is the last day of school for our kids, and last day of work for me.
Still the sun is shining( not moaning about that!)
One car tried to spoil my good mood by having to do a very quick emergency stop( nearly took me out!)
Enjoyed my coffee,chat and toast at Webbs.
Larry enjoyed the sunshine...
 I had a few thank you gifts for crossing over the kids safety.
Finished for 6 weeks....
Puts Larry to bed.
Then a telephone call from the school,
"Can you collect James's PE kit from the school, you have half an hour!"...


Thursday 21 July 2016

Bring Me Sunshine!

Another hot and sweaty day lies ahead.
Visited my local Asda,
 Had fun on the self service till.
Breezed through it, with no help at all!
Having plenty of suckies (lollies) at the moment.
I like having lots of Vitamin D,
But the wall of heat is not helping...
Nice to seat in the shade and not worrying about not turning into a red lobster!


Wednesday 20 July 2016

Give A Little Love...

Welcome to my Hump of The Week.
Where to start...
Firstly it's my older son's 21st Birthday.
Present and card will be collected on later in the week..
Had a enjoyable time at Webb's, coffee, chat and laughs..
Then for kick off....
It's still so hot and sweaty.
One parent refused to move off the Zig Zag lines after I told him twice!(the car on the left)
I felt like lamb being cooked in tin foil,
And that's wearing my summer coat!
To end the day on a high.
Another parent thanked me for keeping their children safe crossing the road...
  2 days to go and it's a six weeks school holidays!!!

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Kissing The Back Of Larry!

It was so hot last night, we have to resort to desperate measures..
We had to sleep on top of our 16 tog duvet, it was so hot!
It was getting quite warm doing the first shift of Job 1
So where else better to go besides home to keep cool?
That's right, Waitrose!
Air conditioned, free coffee and reduced food...
 Comes out to load up the shopping in Larry.
Only find someone kissing the bottom of Larry!
Put the shopping on back seat..and back to singing along with the 1970's tunes..



Monday 18 July 2016

Hot & Steamy

It's getting hot hot hot..
 Time for skimpy clothes and huge sunglasses.
Some people are trying to outshine my Larry by getting a orange coloured car...Nice try!
While I was driving off my drive, I had 3 pairs of eyes giving the Larry the look of Love!
 More hot, sticky, sweating, weather due tomorrow..
Best leave the bedroom window open tonight,
As we could have some steamy windows....



Sunday 17 July 2016

Things We Do For Love..

Had more play with the Gear stick this morning..
Then time for a treat of....bacon sandwich!
Larry was feeling neglected, so out for a ride with him we went!
Diesel for the week added.
Now it was time to visit my late mum with flowers and Larry
I also found where my friend is buried,
Whose funeral I went to last month...
  Making of the most of the sunshine...
By hanging lots of wet washing on the line.
Final week on being the wobbly work wheel..
Then 6 weeks of stress,tears,panic and relaxation of
the school holiday...

Saturday 16 July 2016

Playing Galore!

The sun couldn't make its mind up, in or out....!
We went to explore Evesham.
First before we went exploring the charity shops.
A little play was needed....
 Now to get some bargains.
Picked up a signed album of The Barron Knight 's "Night Gallery" for £4.99!!!
We finally got back home at 8pm.
Then it time for some adult play with a certain Gear stick, once the kids went to sleep...

Friday 15 July 2016

Fancy Some Hard Stuff??

Woo hoo the Friday Feeling is back again...
We have now 1 week left until the 6 weeks school holidays start...
One of the parents commented "You have the Power to stop the traffic!"
"Sometimes the Power isn't enough to stop the traffic, they keep going!"
Brought the washing in before the planned rain at 1pm did arrive...
For the final shift, the rain stopped, pity the traffic didn't.
I was asked "if I would be hitting the hard stuff tonight?"
"Sorry to be boring, but I have been teetotal for the last 3 years!"
"Oh, so what happens if you get the urge?"Came the reply.
"I watch my hubby have his glass of cider, then I jump him later......!"

Thursday 14 July 2016

Enjoying The Pink Sunshine Again

Had another fun day of trying to cross the children over the road (safely)(and in the sunshine)
One particular parent (who I have history with) either had to stop or have a cracked windscreen.
She stopped at the last minute, and I felt the blast of her icy stare...
I finally got round to packing up older son's present for his 21st Birthday next Wednesday.
And a present for a good friend whose birthday is at the end of the month.
 Larry got in touch with his feminine side by his pink seat covers..
Let's see when I go back to work on the September 5th, when parents realise what time I actually start in the afternoon!


Wednesday 13 July 2016

Not Rude Enough!

Welcome to my Hump Of The Week.
I had fun with some new year 5 parents.
Some didn't realise you have to wait on the pavement for me to stop the traffic first!
Took my dad out for a spin in Larry,
He loved it!
Trying to find a rude Birthday card for a good friend.
I found one that made me laugh
 However it's not rude enough!
Then its back to the new year 5 parents.
I had ten minutes left to start before my afternoon shift.
"Can you cross us over the road?"
"Sorry my official time is in ten minutes time."
They realised crossing the road is never easy, and cars don't stop, even if you are dressed like a lemon and holding a lollipop stick with the word "STOP" on it!


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Shaking The Money Tree?

 Larry made a new friend while on the school run.
His name is Robbie...

I took Larry to the garage to have his computer read once more.
The mechanics gave me the look of dread when they saw Larry.
Had every dig, joke, comment you can think of about the Freelander 
I shrugged my shoulders,and hope the money tree in my garden is in season!
"If you thought you had problems,with your old Skoda, you will have a shed more with your Freelander".I was told.
As soon as I turn on my CD player in Larry.
A good song comes on....