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Friday, 22 September 2017

Waving The Hands ....

Finally reached Friday...
In need of some much needed Friday Feeling..🍾🍾
While I was at Job 1 this morning,
Back to the Friday Madness..
A van parked on the zig zags lines in front of me.
I pointed to the lines,
He basically told me to shut up using his hands.
As my hubby was there, 
(He took down his reg number)
The van drove off, then stopped....
Was the van driver going to get out of the van???
No...he decided against it, and drove off...
 The sun was out during the day...
So glad to take off those pink shiny roller boots...↓
Now to use my fingers for some exercise...
Back on the book writing...✍

Friday, 10 February 2017

Searching High & Low

Welcome to Feel Good Friday.
Henry came out for a quick play
I was on the hunt for some Sticky Rice Flour.
As my last order didn't turn up :(
The flour is the important part of the dessert for my son's entry in "The Chef of the Year" competition at school, this Thursday.
He tried to a make the dessert with rice flour....
It didn't taste right...
Fingers crossed some turn up BEFORE Thursday.
One cheeky parent attempted to park on the zig zags at hometime.
I pointed to the zig zags lines...
She was trying to spin a story together...
(She gave up and moved off..)
Now to enjoy this Friday Feeling with ......
(fill in blank!)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Fancy Some Hard Stuff??

Woo hoo the Friday Feeling is back again...
We have now 1 week left until the 6 weeks school holidays start...
One of the parents commented "You have the Power to stop the traffic!"
"Sometimes the Power isn't enough to stop the traffic, they keep going!"
Brought the washing in before the planned rain at 1pm did arrive...
For the final shift, the rain stopped, pity the traffic didn't.
I was asked "if I would be hitting the hard stuff tonight?"
"Sorry to be boring, but I have been teetotal for the last 3 years!"
"Oh, so what happens if you get the urge?"Came the reply.
"I watch my hubby have his glass of cider, then I jump him later......!"

Friday, 13 May 2016

More More More...Coffee!

Another Friday 13th has come and passed.
I survived....just!
I had a call on the big red phone last night
"Fancy meeting up for a Webb's coffee tomorrow???"
The answer was yes, and for the third time this week,
I enjoyed coffee, chat and bacon roll.
From yesterday 's sun, today's temperature went down, and clouds hid the sun :(
At least I have got some Friday Feeling left...
Now to sprinkle some of that over the hubby and the our king-size bed......