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Friday, 7 April 2017

Not Many White Bits Left!

It's my last day of work for two weeks...
Time to taste some of that Friday Feeling...
Let's celebrate with the next best thing to alcohol...
My son had a certificate for taking part in "Chef of the Year"
 He may not have finished in the top 3,
but he does make some lovely chinese food!
I will be dusting down the bikini this weekend,👙
As it's going to hot hot hot!😎
Hopefully by Monday, I won't have many white bits......


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Getting The Chopsticks Ready!

The day is finally here....
It's down the turn of my youngest son to take part in,
"Chef of the Year" for Year 7.
The menu is ready...
One large box of table Chinese decorations....↓
Then 3 bags, including balloons, ingredients, and a yellow soup tureen
 He will find out how he did tomorrow.
We finished off the remains of the 3 course meal.
I have some exciting news...
We will be having a new addition to our family soon..
(It's not animal, mineral or a plant)
Good times ahead....


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Putting That Bikini Away For Now!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
The sun was out yet again today \o/
It looked like bikini weather.....👙
No not just yet....
I had to keep the jumper  on under my sexy lumo coat..
My morning shift of Job 1 was a mixture of bedlam, madness, and chaos....
One parent had the nerve to park on the Zig Zag lines.
I told him one not park there.
Blank look at me.
Second time of asking.
Daggers were drawn and he drove off.
Hubby is feeling so much better.
(He is bored and can't wait to go back to work tomorrow!)
My youngest is son is taking part in
Year 7's Chef of the Year at school tomorrow.
His 3 course meal is of course......


Friday, 17 February 2017

Time To Start The Holiday In Style!

Final day at work......
*Woo hoo!*
Hubby was playing in the first round of the World Seniors Snooker Championship in Newbury.
My son was finding out where he finished in 
"Chef of the Year"
After tidying up the house.
The results were in....
Hubby lost 3 - 1
(I am so proud of him :))
My son came first in "Chef of the Year"
(so proud of him too)
 Now to start the school holidays in style...
Weekend in Newbury in a 4*  hotel...
Now to celebrate some of that Friday Feeling.. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Time To Step Up Chef!

It was time for my son to do his 3 course Chinese meal for "The Chef of the Year" competition at school.
Fingers crossed
Now off to town...
I picked up Hubby's suit for his snooker tournament tomorrow.
My mouth feeling a bit dry...
Time for coffee and a huge tea cake.
 After getting wet yesterday for my afternoon shift at Job 1,
The rain was back....!!!
Another soaking....:(
At least hubby is ready for the action tomorrow in the World Seniors Snooker Competition in Newbury...
Lots of balls to play with! 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Halfway Through The Tunnel Of Love...

I have had a busy Sunday.
Here, there, and everywhere....
Picked up ingredients for "Chef of the Year" comp for son.
(Just waiting for the sticky rice flour to arrive)
Even being stalked by Henry....
 Picked a nice bag up from Poundland..
Picked up more bits for the Valentine table.....
As the Hunt for Red October has arrived.
It will be my warm hands on deck for hubby on Feb 14th!


Friday, 10 February 2017

Searching High & Low

Welcome to Feel Good Friday.
Henry came out for a quick play
I was on the hunt for some Sticky Rice Flour.
As my last order didn't turn up :(
The flour is the important part of the dessert for my son's entry in "The Chef of the Year" competition at school, this Thursday.
He tried to a make the dessert with rice flour....
It didn't taste right...
Fingers crossed some turn up BEFORE Thursday.
One cheeky parent attempted to park on the zig zags at hometime.
I pointed to the zig zags lines...
She was trying to spin a story together...
(She gave up and moved off..)
Now to enjoy this Friday Feeling with ......
(fill in blank!)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Words Don't Come Easy To Me!

Back on the wobbly work wheel.
The sun was out, so out came the big sunglasses.
Visited  Webbs for coffee and chat...
Helped my son get his ingredients ready for his turn in Chef Of The Year.
He is making Sweetcorn & Crab soup tomorrow.
That's the tea sorted out for tomorrow \o/
Now to test the grey little cells by having a go at Words with Friends!


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spice Up Your Life!

Welcome to my Thursday.
Thursday with a difference!!
Hubby off work, kids at school!
We skipped off to Webb's.
Nice coffee there.
Back to the hospital next week.
Urgent appointment to lose some wisdom!
More coffee...
The smell of roast lamb dinner...
Must have it...
Lovely, after I finished the final mouthful. 
James didn't finish in the top four in the "Chef Of The Year!".
He received a engraved wooden spoon for his trouble.
I said to him:
 "There must have been something the matter with the Judge's taste buds. 
As I enjoy a bit of spice!" 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Reaching For Those Big Big Sunglasses!

Back on the wobbly work wheel
Wow the sun was out nice and early.
Quite warm,not yet warm enough to strip some layers of clothing off!
Enjoyed a late breakfast at Webb's.
Had to help James's get all his items packed up for his 3 course meal he is making tomorrow for his "Chef Of The Year" final.
Nothing to eat after Midnight,
As I am ready for my operation at Worcester Hospital early tomorrow!
12 months I have had to wait for it.....

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Having A Taste Of Morocco

Woo hoo we have reached Sunday.
Cup of tea and a nibble in bed, can't be bad!
We bought our meat order for the next two months.
Trying to fit it all in the freezer, that was so much fun fun fun!
Bumped into an ex-co worker from my old JOB 2 again.
At a Community Open Day at the Redi-Centre.
It feels like I am being Stalked!
Watched my son practice making his 3 course meal for "Chef Of The Year" for school.
He chose to do Moroccan themed  meals
The final is on Tuesday. 
He completed them all under 3 hours.
I did my share, by loading up the dish-washer! 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

More Big Shoes For Some Young Big Feet!

Welcome to Saturday.
Had lots of loving from hubby, before we left the warm bed!
While my kids went to the Dentist with hubby.
I enjoyed M&S coffee, toast and chat...
Got some PE trainers for one of my youngest son (His feet have got to adult size 10)
( He is only 10 years old!!) at a bargain price from a Charity shop.
Got all of the ingredients for my son's 3 set meal for his Year 7 's "Chef Of The Year"
The run through is tomorrow and the actual final is on Tuesday.
We were given 2 chest of drawers for nothing!
So tomorrow, I won't have to cook any evening meal!
I could get used to this :P