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Saturday 19 March 2016

More Big Shoes For Some Young Big Feet!

Welcome to Saturday.
Had lots of loving from hubby, before we left the warm bed!
While my kids went to the Dentist with hubby.
I enjoyed M&S coffee, toast and chat...
Got some PE trainers for one of my youngest son (His feet have got to adult size 10)
( He is only 10 years old!!) at a bargain price from a Charity shop.
Got all of the ingredients for my son's 3 set meal for his Year 7 's "Chef Of The Year"
The run through is tomorrow and the actual final is on Tuesday.
We were given 2 chest of drawers for nothing!
So tomorrow, I won't have to cook any evening meal!
I could get used to this :P 


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Nice To Feel Wanted!

I have had a mixed bag today.
Woo Hoo I managed to get a Doctor's appointment for this week.
Visited Dentist ( So I could get a letter for the Hospital to take out the tooth next to the wisdom tooth)
Cost £18.
Grabbed a quick take away M&S coffee.
One parent decides I am not really needed to cross the children over twice  a day.
(He is sulking as I am having 3 days off next week to recover from the Operation)
"There are traffic lights they can use to cross the road, so you ain't needed!" He said.
(Nice to feel wanted!)
Majority of parents want me there, only a minority don't.
Damned when I am there, Damned when I'm not.
Let's hope Hump Day tomorrow is a lot better!

Friday 11 March 2016

Got My Wheels Back :)

I was sadly lacking the Friday Feeling!
Due to my cold and my knee hurting
 Back at my spot for Job 1.
It turned out to be Crazy Friday for traffic.
Sorted out a Dentist Appointment for next week.
(Before my Operation at the Hospital for Wisdom Tooth Removal in 2 weeks time!!)
Then I had the Good News!
The Pink Princess AKA The Money Pie AKA My car
Has been fixed....
Got a lift to pick her up.
Handed over the wedge of cash...
Now I have my wheels back! 

Monday 19 October 2015

Anyone Else Wants To Join?

Back on the wobbly work wheel today.
I got up before the alarm clock went off.
I did my 3 jobs, and went home to rest.
Roll on Friday,
Week off from 4 jobs!
Then off to my son's PTA meeting tonight.
Only one other parent turned up.
Oh dear.
I have dentist trip and 4 jobs tomorrow.
Wish me luck on them! 


Tuesday 14 April 2015

My Swollen Body Part

The sun was out nice and early this morning.
I was sat in the Dentist's chair by 10am.
Injections, drill and fillings.
It feels like I have been punched hard in the mouth.
Left hand side I have wisdom tooth problem
The right hand side is swollen.
The only thing I will be eating this afternoon is

Monday 30 March 2015

Pain,Pain & More Pain

I was in agony all of last night with toothache
Painkillers,clove oil was used to stop the pain.
I have a preplanned visit to the dentist tomorrow.
I still might have a mouth that feels it has been hit by a heavyweight boxer for a few hours.
At least I won't be talking that much.
Silence is golden!

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Dentist Time

I finally got in to see the Dentist this morning.
Have been having pain in my jaw for the past two weeks.
I was prescribed for some antibiotics.
£18.50 to see the Dentist.
£8.05 for the prescription.
£2 to park.
Lets hope the antibiotics sort my pain in my gob out!