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Thursday, 31 March 2016

At Least I'm Not Missing Out On That!

Due to the operation to have my wisdom tooth out yesterday,
I didn't sleep too well.
 Nice little reminder on Facebook, 12 months ago, it told me I was having chronic toothache.
Washing mouth out with salt water, and painkillers being taken.
Off to the Doctors for blood test.
Both arms being tight once more, 3 nice bruises later, still no blood.
Will try again next week.
At the moment I am missing coffee,tea and solid food.....;'(
At least I'm NOT missing out on hugs, kisses and nibbles......:P

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Play Time!

The time is 2am
I have had enough painkillers to numb everyone's else pain apart from mine!
I had two options:
Go downstairs play on the Internet or
Play with husband.
Husband won.
Wore out husband.
He is fast asleep.
I am still racked with a painful mouth & ear.
Still can't sleep.... 
Now for a play with the Internet...

Monday, 30 March 2015

Pain,Pain & More Pain

I was in agony all of last night with toothache
Painkillers,clove oil was used to stop the pain.
I have a preplanned visit to the dentist tomorrow.
I still might have a mouth that feels it has been hit by a heavyweight boxer for a few hours.
At least I won't be talking that much.
Silence is golden!