Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 31 January 2020

Getting Through The Chaos....

Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes - Edgard Varese
Welcome to Friday 🍾🍾🍾🍾
 I enjoyed a hug & a cup of tea↓
 I gave everyone their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Now to leave the house↓
 It's going up↗↗↗
I quickly looked in my newspaper↓
 I didn't get chance to take the tree picture.
Lots of traffic to deal with with.
I survived!
Now for some more singing..
I couldn't park in the B3 space.
So it was C3-PO space instead↓
 A nice £500 ↑↑↑
A nice coffee and nibble↓
 I had a good chat with my good friend.
I said goodbye.
More singing along to do on the way..
I looked across the fields of fun↓
 I performed more miracles
I left with a nice red face!
Back to more singing↓
It reached double figures!!
 Found another mince pie!!!
 Then off to do final lollipop job of the week!
Oh dear, it was chaos, bedlam, & mayham!
Cars backing up, 6+ cars failed to stop.
One woman who stopped in the Keep Clear area, left half of the tread of her back tyres when she drove off!
I finished in one piece....JUST! 
Back home↓
 I gets changed 
Off to Happy Place Of Work.
With some great music...↓
 I get back after several hours.
Tea is waiting for me :)
 I put my feet up
fell asleep Zzzzz
I wakes up,
I decide to do my final job tomorrow.
Now to drag my tired bones off to a warm bed with hubby! 


Thursday 30 January 2020

If You Want It,You Only Have To Ask!

In physics, you don't have to go around making trouble for yourself - nature does it for you - Frank Wilczek
Welcome to my Thursday🎈
It wasn't too cold.
No need for those thermal knickers...\o/
I had a nice cup of tea and a warm hug off hubby↓
 I gave everyone their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Before I left the house↓
 Getting warmer↑
 Today's tree picture↑
I had the normal fun of people not stopping.
I finished in one piece..\o/
Then onto fill up Sexy Beast..
Then off to Morrisons to pick up some supplies...
Rushes back home.
Nice to enjoy the coffee↓ 
 It's getting warmer↑
 Nice light lunch↑
Now to do more singing along↓
Quick peek in the newspaper↓
 Gene Hackman is a retired American actor and novelist. In a career that spanned more than six decades, Hackman won two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, and two BAFTAs. 
He is 90 years old 🎈 
  Phil Collins, English drummer & singer (Genesis) is 69 years old 🎈
  I looked across  the fields of fun↓
 Now to perform miracles!
I finished with a red face!
Back to more singing..↓
 Double figures \o/↓
 I gets home..
I have a quick coffee↓
 Off to do my final lollipop shift of the day↓
Nice new sign near my spot↓
 One car parked in the keep clear area.
I rolled my eyes, and he backed up...
Final crossing of the day...
I'm in the middle of the road, 
I cross over two people.
The white Mokka didn't fancy waiting anymore for the final parents to cross over, and put her foot down and nearly took off my arm holding the lolly stick! 
(If they wanted my lollystick, they only had to ask for it!)
I still crossed over the final parents over the road.
Back home in one piece! 
 I gets changed.
Off to the Happy Place Of Work.
Once I finished doing my bit.
Time to dish up the nice tea↓ 
  Now to go down to final job of the day with some great music..↓↓
 Once I get finished,
I go straight to the bedroom..
to enjoy some early Friday Feeling 🎈 

Wednesday 29 January 2020

You Play It & I Sing It!

There is no shortage of good days.It is good lives that are hard to come by - Annie Dillard
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
I covered up Sexy Beast last night... 
I had a lovely hug and cup of tea↓
 The thermals were put on.
I gave everyone their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
At least it's dry when I got outside↓
 I got down to my lollipop 🍭 job.
Today's tree picture↓
 I had quite a good day.
Only two car drivers failed to stop!
It's still cold↓
  I cooked the meatballs ready for tonight's tea.
Coffee and light lunch↓
 The sun is now out!
 Big big sunglasses timeπŸ•Ά
 Time for some singing....
I had a quick look at the newspaper↓
Tom Selleck is an American actor, film producer, and California Army National Guard veteran.He is 75 years old 🎈
Roddy Frame  is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician.He is 56 years old 🎈 
  I looked across the fields of fun in the sunshine↓
 A piano was moved into the Dining Hall.
I replied:
 "All we need now is Barry Manilow to play on it....!"
Tumbleweed moment↓
 Moving on→
I had a nice red face when I left.
Speaking of Barry Manilow...
I did a nice sing-a-long on the way home with...↓
 Back home↓
 I had a coffee and nibble.
 Before heading back out to do final Lollipop job of the day.
I actually found the black Range Rover,
that I had the fun with yesterday.
 One parent offered to get me a drink from the shop. I thanked him for his offer, but turned it down.
I finished in one piece.
I said goodbye to my friend and his dog.
Back home with yet more singing↓
 Back home↓
I get changed.
Off to the Happy Place Of Work. 
I did my bit.
Back home..
Time to dish it up...
Meatballs in tomato sauce with Mozzarella cheese.
Linguine was added.
All ate up!
Now to go down to the last job of the day with some good music↓
Back to take off those warm rollers...
 I'm ready to sort hubby's hump out with my warm hands...