Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 20 January 2020

Codename:Thermal Knickers

Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel🎑
So much for Blue Monday...
 More like↓
 Those Thermal Knickers had to come out....
I enjoyed a warm hug and a cup of tea↓
 I gave everyone their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Now to leave the house↓
 I had to scrape Sexy Beast.
Lovely view of the sunset outside the Newspaper Shop↓
 I got down to do my Lollipop
 Today's sunrise picture↓
 It's that time of the year when we have frost.
The tank drivers come out...
One car driver had scraped his side of the windscreen, and not his front passenger's side. As he went past me, his passenger window was down and his son looking at me!
 One man I crossed over the road,
Just said to me,"It's cold out here.."
I replied,"Good job I have my Thermal Knickers to keep me warm,isn't it!"
He had a nice blush to his face after I said that! 
Still some car drivers were failing to stop!
I finished in one piece.
Now onto enjoy some Webbs Experience↓
Nice to B3↑
Coffee,nibbles and chat↓
 I said goodbye to my friend.
Now back on the singing...
Quick read of the newspaper↓
 Eric Stewart, English singer-songwriter & musician (The Mindbenders, & 10cc) is 75 years old 🎈
 Heather Small is an English soul singer who was the lead singer in the band M People and later became a solo artist.She is 55 years old 🎈
 Etta James  was an American singer, dies from leukaemia aged 73 in 2012.
First look across the fields of fun of the week↓
I finished with a nice red face.
Back to more singing along↓
Back home↓
 I had a much needed coffee↓
Back out in the sunshine.
The low lying sun was being a problem again↓
 My 🍭 stick must be invisible...
Loads of cars were failing to stop!!!
I still finished in one piece.
Now back home with a little more singing along..
The temperatures are starting to go down↓↓↓
I get changed and off to The Happy Place of Work... 
I didn't know Dr Hinge (of Hinge and Bracket) started working there....↓
 (On the left)
When I got finished.
The Chicken Stir Fry got put on↓
 Once I finished..
Now to burn it off while singing and working to↓
It's getting cold.
I jumped into hot shower...
That's better :)
Now for a quick rub.....down...



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