Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 26 January 2020

Turning A Nice Green!!

He's as slippery as an eel that's been rubbed all over with axle - grease - P.G Wodehouse
Welcome to my chilled Sunday🎈
I had a little bit lie-in...
Then it's tea and hug time!
 Now to leave the house↓
 Off to give Sexy Beast a shower!
 We went round to see my dad.
Oh dear, he hasn't got too long on this planet.
My hubby tried to put some gel on his knee, only he hasn't got no knee, he has got that thin!
I gets back.
Sexy Beast is looking well nice!
 A little visit out↓
 Cake and coffee↓
 Nice price↓
 Back home.
I did some housework..
Light lunch↓
 My right foot was hurting.
While I was resting my foot up,
catching up on this week's newspapers.
Hubby went food shopping.
My younger brother phoned up..
Then it started...
He wanted to clear everything from the first floor of my dad's house even though my dad is still alive!
I said "He was being disrespectful to my dad.As he hasn't gone yet!"
I told him,"I don't want him to do it, if he goes against me, I will cut him like I have cut off my other brother...!"
"I'm not making a profit out of it!" He squealed at me.
He tried to out shout me, and failed.
I was slowly turning green,as my anger level was going up ↗↗↗↗
In the end, I put the phone down on him.
When hubby came back, I told him of the event of me turning green! 
After putting the shopping away.
My younger brother phoned my hubby.
He said, " I have got the wrong end of the stick, just de-cluttering the first floor, not stripping out of all of the stuff...."
(He is back pedalling from last Wednesday's visit.)
My younger brother didn't tell me that my other brother was visiting my dad at the same time as he phoned my hubby.
Who's pulling whose strings????
I got on with the evening meal.
Using the nice casserole dish I bought↓ 
Another half an hour, my younger brother phoned my hubby again.
"Have you talked to my sister?" He asked.
"Can I come over tonight to talk to her?" He asked.
Hubby just told him to leave it for now.
Then he told my younger brother↓
"Make the most of the time your dad is here!"
Tea is ready↓
 Sausage and Dumplings!
 Younger brother keeps phoning my hubby!
My new plant I bought this morning↓
  We caught up on some telly programmes.
Top Gear Series 28
 Paddy, Freddie and Chris head on a British summer holiday in super-cheap second-hand convertibles. Chris tests the new Ariel Atom on track, and Freddie attempts to bungee-jump an old Rover off a dam.
Followed by:
 Louis Theroux - Selling Sex
 The exchange of sex for money is legal in Britain, so long as it doesn’t involve coercion, exploitation, or any kind of public nuisance. Now, fuelled by websites and social media, a new economy has emerged – bringing a world of transactional sex to people who might never have previously considered it. 
My younger brother texted my hubby and me, that is trying to spend as much time with our dad as possible and will clearing out his house at a later date! 
I looked at the Birthday's:
 Scott Glenn, American actor (Right Stuff, Personal Best, Backdraft).He is 79 years old 🎈
 Andrew Ridgeley, English rock guitarist (Wham) is 57 years old 🎈
Colin Vearncombe, English singer-songwriter (Black), dies after a road accident aged 53 in 2016
I have got my things ready for the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑 for tomorrow!


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