Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 31 August 2018

Getting A Bit Closer To The .....

At last it's here....\o/
*Friday Feeling!*
 I got the kids up nice and early...hehe
We hit town.
 The view from car park 4
The drop from where we were in Car Park 4...↘↘↘↘
We picked up my Stationary order from Wilko.....
More cleaning items bought also...
 Visit to Poundland, market, and I picked up a reduced School Blazer for my youngest for £3.99 from a charity shop...
I enjoy a coffee in the Library..⛾
Then went round to see my dad to pick up his shopping list.
Another coffee..
Then back home to unpack all the goodies..
*My new t-shirt arrived*↓↓
 Cleaned out my fridge...
Loads of room now :)
Washing machine back on...
Then hung out the washing....
Final Job of the week... 
Hubby did my dad's shopping.
I did chop chop...
 Turkey & Orange Stir Fry With Rice.
We all went to bed early...
Before we fell asleep watching the telly...
Too much Friday Feeling I think! 

Thursday 30 August 2018

Good Deed Thursday!

Welcome to my Thursday...
 A bit of Kwik Fruit with breakfast ↑↑
 Coffee while waiting for my kids to move...
 *Out of the house....\o/*
First stop was Morrisons...
Got some cleaning supplies...
Then off to Salvation Army Charity Shop.
 Someone is glad to see me!
I love Bagpuss!
 We nipped into Asda on the way home for some bits....
 My new DeadPool t-shirt arrived \o/
 Nice healthy lunch↑
I visited my neighbour who is in our local hospital with some goodies to keep him busy↓
 He was so glad to see me and grateful for everything :)
Gets back in time to do Job
I came back to do Chop Chop
 Beer Braised Beef With Dumplings.
After tea we caught up with new series of Bake Off...again
 I think my baking hand now has stopped itching for a bit....

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Time To B3

Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
I was out early for coffee and chat.
 Filled up Sexy Beast.. 
One week to go until my kids go back to school \o/
Also its our 7th Wedding Anniversary too \o/
*B3 time*↓
 Found some nice cups↓↓
 My nice cup of hot chocolate↓
 Nice chat...
Then off to see my dad with my kids..
Coffee time↓
 Said goodbye to my dad..
Now for some more good 60's..↓
 I repaired some old blazers to resell
Came back from Job and the sun came out \o/
 Time for chop chop...
Red Wine Risotto
Then we carried on watching more of Louis.
I was looking forward to do some Charity Shop Shopping tomorrow....
Counting down the days to the 5th....


Tuesday 28 August 2018

Killing Time

Welcome to Tuesday...
GBBO is back tonight \o/
 Alarm goes off....
Hugs & kisses 
Then tea...
I have a busy day ahead...
Kisses hubby before he leaves to go to workπŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Gets the kids up...↑↑↑
I have a postive response for a job I applied for last week...:)
Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast...
 Takes back some school trousers I bought for my oldest son. I paid £13 for.
They didn't fit, so I took them back to Asda.
Only to discover they were suppose to have another pair of trousers attached....
Someone else had bought a single pair of trousers for £13.... 
Popped into see my dad with his newspaper.
Gets back home...
Now for a little walk...
Sees my friend for coffee and chat...
 After a hour, I say goodbye to my friend.
Walks to Lidl and gets some bargains.
We walk back home...
2.2 miles in 58:47 minutes.
751 calories lost 
Have to go back out in Sexy Beast...
 Picks up perscription.
Drops cat food at my dads.
Now to do Job
I was asked "how the smutty book was getting along..?"
"I'm writing a serial killer book..."I replied.
"Really? which Serial killer is your favourite?"
"I don't have a favourite, but I enjoy reading about Henry Lee Lucas," I reply.
Then I talk about a good film which was based on him...
One asked "Is the film still avaliable on DVD?"
I said,"Make sure you try and get the Director's Cut version...!"
I did see the Director's cut version at the old Triangle Cinema, by the Aston Uni, in 1990. 
 Gets back to the cleaning..
Once finished,
Time for chop chop..
 Chicken Stir Fry.
Settled down to watch the new series of..

It's cake week next week \o/
Week tomorrow, my kids go back to school...
Where had the last 5 weeks gone too?