Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 23 August 2018

Say Hello, Final Goodbye

Welcome to a sad Thursday.
I was going to find out if I am going to be 🍭 lady next month or not....
 Kissed 💋 hubby goodbye
 It took my about 35 minutes to get to Worcester for my meeting.
 I got there a bit early.
I waited in the coffee shop.
 Cheeky coffee.
 I waited outside to meet my union Rep.
She turned up.
 As it goes, her name was Suzi.
We went into the meeting.
I told them the 17 reasons why my job shouldn't be removed.
The decision went against me...
I'm being made redundant :(
Thanked my union rep for coming in with me.
She thanked me for having a go at them....
Now for the ride back home...
 After a light lunch
Off to Morrisons for some top up shopping
Great Private Eye front page↓↓
 Unpacked shopping.
Time for some chop chop.
Tuna Pasta Salad
 I then was dropped off to the local Labour Party meeting for two hours.
At first I though I was the only one going....hehehe.
 Back home to say hello to the moon..🌙
 We enjoyed one episode of:
Then to drag off a willing bed..🛏


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