Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ready,Willing & Able....

Welcome to my hump of the week!
I decided to give the walk around the running track a miss this week..
Instead I was going for a walk around the lake with my kids...
Nice to have some coffee and toast...
I did some job hunting.
Applied for two jobs.
Lots of copying and pasting my qualifications from one application form to another.... 
Off to see my dad in the Sexy Beast.
  Big big sunglasses back on...
Saw my dad for a bit.
Back home for a light lunch before our walk.
 Dark clouds coming over..
Fingers crossed it's not going to rain..
 Waits around for the people to walk around the lake with. By 1pm no one appeared, so we started to walk as a trio.
 Those dark clouds are coming nearer.
 Smoke coming off my trainers...
 The clouds coming nearer...
 Gets home before the rain starts...
Bake off series 1 we start to watch.
Comes back from Job with some tubes for our Gerbils...
 Enjoyed a ice lolly...↓↓
 There is a break from the rain.
Time for chop chop..
 West Country Chicken:
 Savoy Cabbage,
 Chopped onion
, Garlic,
 Chick peas,
 Worcestershire sauce,
 Chopped chicken 
 Cooked in cider
 My baking hand started itching...
I quickly made:
Mango, cherry, caramel, & pecan tart
 Managed to keep my eyes open to watch the final of Bake Off Series 1.
I will start on cake tomorrow....
Even if I have to chain myself to Kane the Kenwood...... 


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