Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 18 August 2018

The List Is Getting Bigger By The Day!

The weekend has finally arrived \o/
Up at my normal time to listen to the 
"Sounds of the 60's" 
Some Great Big tunes.....
 Followed by a quick breakfast.
 Black pudding, eggs on toast.
We  then have the fun to wake the kids up.
As we are visiting town today to get some school uniform.
 Off for a short ride in the Sexy Beast.
Lovely view from Car Park 4.↓↓
Now to see everyone at...
We got some shirts, trousers, socks, shoes and a jumper for my oldest son :)
Then off for a quick coffee...
While walking back to the car.
We did some window shopping in a nice shop....
 Just got back to the car park in time!
Saved a £1! 
Back home for a light lunch...
Sits in the garden to chill....
While hubby does my dad's shopping.
I write out our food shopping list for tomorrow..
Another big list for items needed for the new school year ahead:
PE Trainers x 2
Football Trainers,
School Bag
Total so far £62
(The list is getting bigger by the day!!!)
(It doesn't help with a certain tight arse not  paying his maintenance (£622 in arrears) for his kids.....)
 We watched some good films....
 I heard of great football result...
*Leicester City 2 Wolves 0*
  Back onto:
Time for a little chop chop:
Chicken and salad...:)
We watched up to the final of season 14 of Hell's Kitchen...
We are starting on season 15 tomorrow....
Now to use these warm hands on hubby...




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