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Saturday 5 February 2022

Using That Fast Forward Button Too Much!

Money isn't everything, but it sure keeps you in touch with your children - John Paul Getty
Welcome to my Saturday 💟
Nice warm hug.
Now to listen to Sounds of the 60s with our brew and breakfast. 
The UK Top 3 from 1967. 
The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together ↓
Cat Stevens - Matthew & Son↓
The Monkees - I'm A Believer↓
Today is the second anniversary of my lovely dad passing away :'(
I will go up to see my parents later.
On goes the thermal vest.
Tells son to get a move on, as he will be late for work!
Drops off son.
Drops off Birthday Card at my friend's house.
Then off to Droitwich, to visit the Droitwich Lions.
Got some bowls and glasses↓
Visited the near-by Charity Shop.
Nothing was in there.
We moved the car to the next car park.
We popped into 4 charity shops.
Then it was into Wilkinsons, Morrisons, The Works, Coffee No1.
Then back to the car with our bargains.
Nipped into Waitrose to get my free newspaper.
Then back home!
Unpacked our bargains.
Finished off the last of the soup.
Now off to do week 3 of the Crystal and Tarot Course.
Really enjoyed it!
Used my new Tarot Cards I bought from the Works. 
Once finished.
Off to see my mum and dad.
I put a balloon on their grave.
Back home.
Had a much needed cup of coffee!
Then to catch up with this week's televison.
Top of the Pops from 1992.
That fast forward button was kept busy.
One great song was on there↓↓
Shakespears's Sister was still number 1↓
(Didn't help TOTP's cut the video off before we got to the middle of the song!)
Next episode.
Fast forward time again.
I reminded my youngest son, where his middle name came from.....
Genesis was up next.
(A bit slow for me)
I prefer the last single.....↓
Shakespears's Sister was still number 1 for the final week↓
We watched The Apprentice.
Then "Dragon's Den"
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Barrett Strong  is an American singer and songwriter. Strong was the first artist to record a hit for Motown, although he is best known for his work as a songwriter, particularly in association with producer Norman Whitfield. Among his most famous work at Motown, Strong wrote the lyrics for many of the songs recorded by the Temptations. 
He is 81 years old 🎈
Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch; ) was an American actor and filmmaker. After an impoverished childhood, he made his film debut in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) with Barbara Stanwyck. Douglas soon developed into a leading box-office star throughout the 1950s, known for serious dramas, including westerns and war films. During his career, he appeared in more than 90 films and was known for his explosive acting style. He was named by the American Film Institute the 17th-greatest male star of Classic Hollywood cinema and was the highest-ranked living person on the list until his death at age 103.He died on this day in 2020.
Sweet rationing in Britain finished on this day in 1953, imposed during WW2, finally ended. Children all over Britain headed straight to the nearest sweet-shop, as the first unrationed sweets went on sale. Toffee apples were the biggest sellers on the first day.
USA No.1 on this day in 1961:
 The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 
UK No.1 on this day in 1969: 
The Move - Blackberry Wa
'The Wombles' premiered on 5th February 1973. 49 years ago today. The series was voiced by the wonderful Bernard Cribbins. 
On this day in 1982, ABC released the single Poison Arrow from The Lexicon of Love album.
On this day in 1988, Robocop was released in UK cinemas.
Innuendo is the fourteenth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 5th February 1991 in the UK. 
(The single, Innuendo↓)
Then we caught up with the news.
Sleep Tea.
Off to a warm bed!










Wednesday 5 February 2020

Goodbye Dad, Sleep Tight!

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat - Lily Tomlin
Welcome to my sad Hump of the Week🐪
I didn't hear nothing from my brothers about my dad during the night...
I put on the thermal knickers, as it looked quite cold out there.
I enjoyed a much needed hug and cup of tea↓
 I gave everyone their sloppy 💋💋💋 before I left the house↓
 Feels colder than that↑↑
Today's tree picture↓↓
 While I was waiting to cross people over.
I saw two people using their mobile phones while driving...
I even had a convoy of 3 cars failing to Stop and going underneath my stick!
The blue van is back, parking on double yellow lines and on a bus stop↓
 My phone kept going off..
I was sensing bad news.
Once I finished in one piece.
My younger brother phoned to tell me our dad had passed during the night.
(I was wondering if he didn't stop with my dad last night and went home. And the prodical brother went upstairs to sleep?)
My hubby was too upset at work and came home.
I collected the newspaper↓
 Barrett Strong  is an American singer and songwriter. Strong was the first artist to record a hit for Motown, although he is best known for his work as a songwriter, particularly in association with producer Norman Whitfield.He is 79 years old 🎈
 Kirk Douglas, American film and stage actor, film producer and author. Popular films include "Out of the Past" (1947), "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (1954), "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" (1957) and "Spartacus". Died aged 103 years old.

 It was a bit warmer when I got home↓
 Hubby came back all upset.
We both cried together :'(
Coffee and nibble↓
 First argument of the day with vultures..(Brothers)
They wanted to know where my dad's funeral plan and bank statements...
We didn't know.
They are probably ransacking the house trying to find them!
I already am sorting out the flowers for my dad's funeral.
She did some lovely flowers for my mum's funeral in 2013↓
 Light lunch time↓
 We both  needed some fresh air.
Out to do my afternoon lollypop job↓
 It wasn't too bad.
Everyone stopped for once!
Back home for coffee and nibble↓
 I got a card and flowers from my Happy Place of Work job↓
 Second argument of the day with the Vultures....
They want to sell my dad's house like the way it is.
I said "No,and what if the other brother who is sitting on his phone, can finish the kitchen while he is there!"
The prodical brother shouted some nasty comments at me.
I told him to "Wind his neck in!" and slammed the phone down on both of them!
Evening meal time↓
 I went off to do my jobs with some good music↓
Final job of the day↓
I came back tired.
It was nice to have warm cuddles with hubby in bed...after a sad day.