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Tuesday 5 February 2019

White Coffee is Nature's Way....

Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from - Jodie Foster
Welcome to a cloudy cold Tuesday.
Hubby is still not well enough to go back to work...
(Another day in bed for him) 
Tea in bed 🛏 
I got up,
Tidied up the kitchen.
Sorted out the hat I was wearing today..
Liquid Lunch Time
It's a lot colder than yesterday.
(No layers will be coming off) 
 Let's check for Birthdays↓
  Barrett Strong:American singer and songwriter (Money, That's What I Want),is 78 years old.
David Denny: American rock guitar player (Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra),is 71 years old.
Ian Carmichael: British actor (Private's Progress, I'm All Right Jack), dies at 89 in 2010
Reader's Digest magazine 1st published in 1922.
Goes into work.
 My roller boots were steaming..
 I nipped into Morrisons after work.
I couldn't resist coffee and cake...
 Back home..
 Hubby was still looking green.
He went back to bed while I did Job 2.
While I collected the cups to wash up,
it seems everyone drinks black coffee.
I said,"Black coffee keeps you awake!"
Someone replied:"White coffee is nature's way to hide shit coffee!"
Someone else pointed to his cup of herbal tea and said:
"I have no milk in this either!"
I go back home to enjoy coffee with milk.
I give my hubby a hug while he lies on the bed 🛏
We fall asleep for an hour.
Time to do the Evening Meal.
Uses my hot plate.
Homemade cheese sauce on the left and peas on the right. 
 We caught up with:
Season 18 of
 Hubby is looking well better..
Back to work for him tomorrow...
Are we going to have a wet or dry Hump Day?🐫 

Saturday 18 August 2018

The List Is Getting Bigger By The Day!

The weekend has finally arrived \o/
Up at my normal time to listen to the 
"Sounds of the 60's" 
Some Great Big tunes.....
 Followed by a quick breakfast.
 Black pudding, eggs on toast.
We  then have the fun to wake the kids up.
As we are visiting town today to get some school uniform.
 Off for a short ride in the Sexy Beast.
Lovely view from Car Park 4.↓↓
Now to see everyone at...
We got some shirts, trousers, socks, shoes and a jumper for my oldest son :)
Then off for a quick coffee...
While walking back to the car.
We did some window shopping in a nice shop....
 Just got back to the car park in time!
Saved a £1! 
Back home for a light lunch...
Sits in the garden to chill....
While hubby does my dad's shopping.
I write out our food shopping list for tomorrow..
Another big list for items needed for the new school year ahead:
PE Trainers x 2
Football Trainers,
School Bag
Total so far £62
(The list is getting bigger by the day!!!)
(It doesn't help with a certain tight arse not  paying his maintenance (£622 in arrears) for his kids.....)
 We watched some good films....
 I heard of great football result...
*Leicester City 2 Wolves 0*
  Back onto:
Time for a little chop chop:
Chicken and salad...:)
We watched up to the final of season 14 of Hell's Kitchen...
We are starting on season 15 tomorrow....
Now to use these warm hands on hubby...




Monday 2 July 2018

I Need To Cover Those White Bits Up

Welcome to my Monday!
 In need of some motivation...
 Am I going to return to the 🍭 job after 8 months????
People can't make up their minds If I can or not!
I need a Webbs experience....
Big Big sunglasses time
Time for some 1960's tunes to have on...

 Singing all the way to B3
Now for Mocha Monday  ⛾
Had a nice coffee and chat.
Said goodbye to my friend...
It's getting hot out there...
I went to see another friend for coffee and chat.
(Using up the time before I go back to work!) 
Say goodbye to my friend.
Just got back before kids came home.
Had to go out in the Sexy Beast again 
Nice view from car park
Back home to enjoy a....
I puts the 🍭 coats in the bag ready for work.
I must remember the factor 50 sun cream..
Don't want any white bits getting sun burnt!