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Tuesday 5 February 2019

White Coffee is Nature's Way....

Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from - Jodie Foster
Welcome to a cloudy cold Tuesday.
Hubby is still not well enough to go back to work...
(Another day in bed for him) 
Tea in bed 🛏 
I got up,
Tidied up the kitchen.
Sorted out the hat I was wearing today..
Liquid Lunch Time
It's a lot colder than yesterday.
(No layers will be coming off) 
 Let's check for Birthdays↓
  Barrett Strong:American singer and songwriter (Money, That's What I Want),is 78 years old.
David Denny: American rock guitar player (Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra),is 71 years old.
Ian Carmichael: British actor (Private's Progress, I'm All Right Jack), dies at 89 in 2010
Reader's Digest magazine 1st published in 1922.
Goes into work.
 My roller boots were steaming..
 I nipped into Morrisons after work.
I couldn't resist coffee and cake...
 Back home..
 Hubby was still looking green.
He went back to bed while I did Job 2.
While I collected the cups to wash up,
it seems everyone drinks black coffee.
I said,"Black coffee keeps you awake!"
Someone replied:"White coffee is nature's way to hide shit coffee!"
Someone else pointed to his cup of herbal tea and said:
"I have no milk in this either!"
I go back home to enjoy coffee with milk.
I give my hubby a hug while he lies on the bed 🛏
We fall asleep for an hour.
Time to do the Evening Meal.
Uses my hot plate.
Homemade cheese sauce on the left and peas on the right. 
 We caught up with:
Season 18 of
 Hubby is looking well better..
Back to work for him tomorrow...
Are we going to have a wet or dry Hump Day?🐫