Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Sharing Some Adult Time!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
We had a bit of adult time together...😍😎
(Hubby & I cleaned out the large fish tank that contained our 3 femail gerbils)
Bought some bits from Morrisons
 While I did my jobs,
Hubby used his time wisely..
(He played with the mower, and cut the lawn again!)
When I got back...
I used my time even more wisely.....



Tuesday 30 May 2017

What's That High In The Sky?

Making the most of being on holiday,
Just what was needed...
To kick start Tuesday!
My new fridge freezer arrived.
(Really needed a upgrade on the my old 13 year old Fridge Freezer!)
Got more Paint....
(More fences need painting!)
While chilling in the front garden,
I saw something flying above me,
high in the sky.
(Not a helicoper this time!) 
 Reminds me of the battle scenes from the film, "Battle of Britain".

Monday 29 May 2017

Entering The Wet T-Shirt Competition

Welcome to my Bank Holiday Monday
We are saying goodbye to our Fridge Freezer
(It's given up after 13 years 😢)
Once it was put outside, we found some old party invites from 2010 on the floor.
(They must have been short on numbers to invite us! 😎😎)
We went for a ride out in "Sexy Beast"
Then the rain came down...
 We popped into Morrisons for a drink & nibble
 I didn't count on appearing in the wet t-shirt competition getting back to my "Sexy Beast"
 Hopefully the bikini 👙 might get put back on this week...🌞


Sunday 28 May 2017

If It Moves, Paint It!

The sun was out,
 The bikini went on 👙 
So did those big big sunglasses
 Everyone grabbed their paint brushes
Let's paint! 🖌
 (Front door step done)↑
 (Fences done)↑
(Sheds done)↑
Happy the yellow rose is growing  back.↓
 Typical Bank Holiday Monday weather tomorrow....🌧

Saturday 27 May 2017

Trying Not To Lower The Tone Of The...

It was nice not to rush about today.
(It's Saturday, no one rushes )

We took our time getting out of bed.
Hubby has very warm hands 😉
Not much sun, but it was still humid.

Visited town to get some bits…
 Paint and paint brushes were bought…
Sheds and fences are being painted tomorrow.🖌
I had to restrict myself on buying….the pink paint for the sheds...
  It might lower the tone of the 


Time for a bit of camouflage in the garden
 We had the police helicoper go over our house three times...
 So reminded me of...
Dusting down the bikini for some warm sunshine tomorrow!

Friday 26 May 2017

I'm On My Way To Another Job \o/

I have now reached my
1000th blog entry!
Now to celebrate with the Friday Feeling!
With more sunshine!😎
 However,I couldn't do Job 1 as  I had to travel to Warwick,
To have a tooth removed!
 No hot coffees for a while 😧
I went for the shortlisted interview afterwards
I wore my lucky t-shirt
 The kids couldn't believe how funny I was,
I joined in with some singing.
(Everybody knows I love singing)
Then I was offered the job \o/
I hopefully start next month.
Make the most of the nice weather
By celebrating with eating some soft food in the garden
(with added painkillers!)