Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wishing & Hoping

Woke up in the sunshine.
I got verbally abused by one of the members of the Social Club.😠
On where I can or can't park my Sexy Beast before I started on Job 1.
After I had my say on the subject.
He got back into his Jag, pulled out of the car park at speed, and straight under my lollipop stick which was up the air, as I was trying to cross a child over...
Another one of those moments...I think!🙄🙄

Two more interviews today.
After the disappointment of the results of my last two interviews at the beginning of the week...
Let's hope I get the job I really wanted after all 🤞🤞 
After my interviews, 
The temperature was hot hot hot! 
 Time for a lollypop to cool down with!😎

I found out I am on the shortlist for job I really wanted \o/
I will find out tomorrow if I get the job..

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