Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 31 July 2020

So Hot! Time To Go Commando!

It matters not wheteher you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose - Darrin Weinberg
Sweaty Friday Feeling has arrived🎈
Hubby's last day at work before he has a holiday next week \o/
 Brew and hug↑↑
Out for our daily walk
 The sewing machine was still out↓
The sun coming right up↗↗↗
 I gave hubby a big sloppy πŸ’‹ before he left for walk.
Quick look in the newspaper↓
Sir Alan  Parker CBE  was an English filmmaker. His early career, beginning in his late teens, was spent as a copywriter and director of television advertisements. After about ten years of filming adverts, many of which won awards for creativity, he began screenwriting and directing films.
By 1968, Parker had moved from copywriting to successfully directing numerous television advertisements. In 1970, he joined Alan Marshall to establish a company to make advertisements. That company eventually became one of Britain's best commercial production houses, winning nearly every major national and international award open to it. Among their award-winning adverts were the UK Cinzano vermouth advertisement (starring Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter), and a Heineken advert which used one hundred actors. Parker credited his years writing and directing adverts for his later success as a film director:
Looking back, I came from a generation of filmmakers who couldn't have really started anywhere but commercials, because we had no film industry in the United Kingdom at the time. People like Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Adrian Lyne, Hugh Hudson, and myself. So commercials proved to be incredibly important
 Parker was known for using a wide range of filmmaking styles and working in differing genres. He directed musicals, including Bugsy Malone (1976), Fame (1980), Pink Floyd – The Wall (1982), The Commitments (1991) and Evita (1996); true-story dramas, including Midnight Express (1978), Mississippi Burning (1988), Come See the Paradise (1990) and Angela's Ashes (1999); family dramas, including Shoot the Moon (1982), and horrors and thrillers including Angel Heart (1987) and The Life of David Gale (2003).
His films won nineteen BAFTA awards, ten Golden Globes and six Academy Awards.
He died aged 76 in 2020. 
 I watered the plants.
Fed the birds.
Now to enjoy the first coffee of the day↓ 
 My friend pops in for coffee,chat and cake.
We sat under the parasol...↓
 The temperature was going ↗↗↗
The balloons still hadn't come for my dad's grave.🎈🎈🎈
I have put in for a refund
(When they turn up to be sent back!)
Someone came and started to flirt with my friend. 
I thanked my friend for coming.
I finished off the blog from yesterday.
Light lunch time↓
 I could only sit outside until 2pm...
It was getting too hot!
I had a quick wash,
On goes the bikini πŸ‘™
Tea at 3  ↓
 I gets out the small sewing machine↓
I started to sweat.....
Plus the thread wouldn't go through the needle...
I walked away for a bit....
Nice cool down time....
With ice ice lolly...
Back to the sewing..
I got the thread through the needle..
Two facemasks made↓
 Quick Adult Play Time↓
 140 miles away from home... Randy the Cowboy asks Karen.
"Did you lock the back door?"↑↑↑
 "Are we have big steaks tonight honey?" Asked Randy the Cowboy
 "No Randy, it's salad tonight!" Replied Karen↑↑
 "I think we are in the dog house," says Randy.↑↑↑
 "So much for a romantic night together!"Replied Randy to the dog↑↑↑
Now to get washed and changed for my trip out...↓
 I wore gloves, facemask, and I wore a throwaway apron to get my hair cut.
 I feel so lightheaded after all that hair came off...
A really short Pixie hair cut.
(Not a photo of the actual me, but the haircut is)↑↑
They left the door open to let more air into the shop, as it was well hot in there↓
 When I got home,
The temperature was going down↓↓↓
 Fishcakes, wedges and mushy peas↓
 Then off to work I go...
Big tune to start work with↓
 It was dark when I got home↓
 At least my jar is working↓
 My friend asked me how I felt about my new hair cut.....
"I feel sooo sexy"I replied.
 I jump into a cold shower to cool down.
Sleep tea↓
 While watching the newspaper review.
Off to bed to enjoy more Friday Feeling🍾

Thursday 30 July 2020

Finally Getting Them Out!!

So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work - Peter Drucker 
Welcome to my Thursday πŸ•Ά
It's going to be a warm one...
Bikini Time!
Nice to start the day with Brew and Hug↓
Off for a walk before it gets too warm↓
 Oh dear the snake is broken :(
  Sewing machine is still out↓
 Gets back in record time↓
 After feeding the birds.
I enjoy sitting in the garden,
Drinking coffee \o/
 Back in to write and publish 3 blog posts....
Quick break to read the newspaper

Paul Anka OC is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor. Anka became famous with hit songs like "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and "(You're) Having My Baby". He wrote such well-known music as the theme for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and one of Tom Jones's biggest hits, "She's a Lady". He also wrote the English lyrics to Claude François and Jacques Revaux's music for Frank Sinatra's signature song, "My Way", which has been recorded by many, including Elvis Presley.
In 1983, he co-wrote the song "I Never Heard" with Michael Jackson. It was retitled and released in 2009, under the title "This Is It".[ An additional song that Jackson co-wrote with Anka from the 1983 session, "Love Never Felt So Good", was released in 2014 on Jackson's posthumous album Xscape. The song was also released by Johnny Mathis in 1984.He is 79 years old 🎈
 Kate Bush CBE  is an English singer, dancer, songwriter, and record producer. In 1978, aged 19, she topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks with her debut single "Wuthering Heights", becoming the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song. She has since released 25 UK Top 40 singles, including the Top 10 hits "The Man with the Child in His Eyes", "Babooshka", "Running Up That Hill", "Don't Give Up" (a duet with Peter Gabriel), and "King of the Mountain". All 10 of her studio albums reached the UK Top 10, including the UK number-one albums Never for Ever (1980), Hounds of Love (1985), and the compilation The Whole Story (1986). She was the first British solo female artist to top the UK album charts and the first female artist to enter the album chart at number one.She is 62 years old 🎈
Lynn Anderson was an American country singer, songwriter and television personality. She is most remembered for her 1970 signature recording, "Rose Garden." Additionally, Anderson had four number one singles and 18 top ten hits on the Billboard country songs chart.She died aged 67 in 2015. 
 What a surprise the balloons I bought off Ebay on Sunday, still haven't arrived now for my dad's belated birthday.
They will be going back and I want a full refund!!
(Not Happy)
Then it's time for lunch!
Outside in the sunshine...
 After lunch.
It was time to put on the bikini πŸ‘™
That's better....
All nice and cool ;)
When you just can't wait for the Friday Feeling↓
 Hubby went off to get his prescription and see his dad at the same time.
I had the meatballs to put on.....
He got back...
The meatballs were ready...
We watched one episode of NYPD Blue...
 Then off to work I go...
 Big tune to start work with↓
Gets back and the moon is out↓
 We catch up on the TV Themes Quiz for this  week so far:
Monday's we got 3/6.
Two of the great themes that we got right↓
Tuesday's we got 5/6.
Wednesday's we got 3/6
Today's was a poop....0/6.
We started to watch the newspaper review on Sky, when they switched to Trump's Press Conference...
 Better queue for the bath,
As it's going to be hot, and sweaty leading up to tomorrow's Friday Feeling🎈🎈