Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 11 July 2020

"What A Big One You Have Sir!"

You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty - 
Cecil Baxter 
Welcome to my Saturday­čÄł
Up nice and early to get some nice reduced shopping food...
 Brew and hug time↑
At least the sun is back!
 Nice long summer dress to wear↓
 Mask to wear↓
 A few people were wearing face masks.
Nice bit of posh toilet roll I found↓
 Cold mocha and read of the free newspaper↓
 Back home to unpack the shopping↓
  More Fisher Price's little people arrived to complete my collection.
Now for a little play.....
Coffee first↓
 Taking the dog out in the car, leaving the kids at home↓
 When the parents are away↓
 "Hello darling....fancy a quick ride?"↓↓
 When you enjoy the ride too much, and you have to get off↓↓
 "Are you sure your wife doesn't mind you giving me a ride?" 
"She is having her ride later......"↓↓
 "Your insurance ran out last month Sir!"
"Sorry Officer, I had other things on my mind!"↓↓
 Off to the local Farm Shop.
I made them laugh over the rather large Courgette I bought↓↓
 Back home↓
 More Lavender to plant in the garden↓
 Light lunch↓
 Let's have a go on the Monster again....
Before it goes out in the garden!
 Oh look it decides to work now!!!
I made full use of him now!
Done 2 more facemasks.....
 After that fun...
Out for another ride↓
 Lidl shopping↓
 Hubby,me and another customer wore our facemasks. Noone else did...
I was glad to get out of there.
When we got back.
I gave my neighbour his shopping.
Quick read of the newspaper↓
Old El Paso Cheesey Baked Enchilada meal time↓
 We have only got 3 more episodes of season one of:
 Finished season 1
Another 11 seasons to watch ;)
Off to enjoy yet more adult time before the nuclear snores start..... 

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