Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Voulez Vous Jouer?

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at - Jimmy Demaret
Welcome to my Tuesday🧁
Going to have a word with Gumtree over Monster not fit for purpose.The seller hasn't answered my email either! 🍋
 Brew and hug time↑
  Comes back and enjoys a much needed coffee↓
Read of the newspaper↓
 I got in touch with Gumtree about the Monster↓
 All of it is now boxed up, ready to be given back to the seller.....
Blogging time!
 I did find a reasonable priced sewing machine on-line↓
 Once blog post was published.
Time for a little story time with the Little People...↓
Let's begin↓ 
Everyone sits around eating breakfast↓↓↓
There was a bit of atmosphere at the breakfast table, over the loud groans from the parent's bedroom, early in the morning...↓
  Dad slipped out with the dog↑↑
"Just taking the dog out...."Said Dad
 "You could take the baby with you...." said Mom 
"Dogs don't talk..." replied Dad.
Debbie breaks her news to Dad over coffee↑↑
"I'm pregnant!"
"Woof" shouts the dog.
 Mom meets up with Shirley to break the good news↑↑
"How do I tell him I'm pregnant Shirley?"
"Dadddddddd?" asks the baby.
 "Is it Bob's or Phil 's?" Asks Shirley.
 "No, it's Derek's!"
  Mom meets up with Derek to tell him the good news↑↑
"You are going to be a father again!"Says Mom
"That's number 4 child with you," Derek replied
 "Hubby blames the vasectomy for the lack of kids...."Replied Mom
 "How does you explain the 3 kids you have had?" Asks Derek
 "The Stork leaves them on the front step" she laughs.
Derek bumps into Dad while out for a walk↑
"Hi Derek, how's things?" Dad asked.
 "Great, you?" "Going to be a dad again." Dad replied. 
"I heard..."
 "Who from?" asks Dad 
"The Stork!" replied Derek.
Debbie and Mom enjoying coffee↑ 
"I have put my name down for the parent class at the hospital." Debbie said to mom.
 "I have had 3 kids, I don't need to go," laughed mom.
 "That's a shame, our partners could meet up!" laughed Debbie.
 "Dad is a hands on father!" said Mom.
 "That's good to know!" winked Debbie.
While the Dad and Shirley watch the Mom feed the baby...↑
The Dad turns to his wife's best friend... 
"You know Shirley, if you ever want to take part in one, you only have to ask?" Asks the Dad .
"In what?" Asks Shirley
"Threesome!" replies The Dad.
 "I will stick with my rabbit, thanks, I know where it has been!"Laughed Shirley.
 Let's see how hot it is the USA↓

 Very Warm!
Play time with Kenny↓
 Once cake was ready...
In the oven it went.
Tea at 3
 3/6 on the Tv Themes Quiz.
Ginger loaf cake↓
Now to chop up the cauliflowers I bought at the weekend for tea.
NYPD Blue time again
Cauliflower Cheese is ready↓
Dropped some chilli flakes into the cheese sauce....making it nice and HOT.
Then off to work I rain either \o/
 Big Tune Time↓
 Still nice and dry when I finished work↓
 We caught up with the news and news review of the tomorrow's newpapers.
With sleep tea↓
I hope it's going to be so hot tomorrow,
The bikini can come out 👙



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