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Saturday 15 September 2018

Water Or Wine?

The weekend is finally here...
Alarm went off...
"Sounds of the 60's" started...
I only heard the first song...
 Then I drifted back to sleep Zzzz
(Will catch up later with it)
Later on, it was Tea time...
The sun was out...๐Ÿ˜Ž
 We tried out a recipe involving Almond milk, banana, ice, and coffee..
 Now off for a walk to town.
 Big cloud coming over...
 Palace Theatre
 We visit the Bandstand Event

 Wine or water?
 Fun Fair is in town.
Found some nice things in the shopping centre..
 We got some love Lamas
 We visited the Library, as kids needed to do some homework.
We walked to Pets At Home and Iceland.
Loaded up with bags and a full trolley, we walked home....
We have done 3.5 miles walking,
14000 steps
700 calories burnt off.
We enjoyed fish with sweet potatos fries for tea.
Opened up the brown wrapping,
*It's wasn't water....๐Ÿพ *
Upgraded the earrings. 
I was trying to watch a good film on TCM.
 Everyone was getting bored of me naming all the actors in the film.
To keep the peace..
We watched 
To keep the peace...
Now to use some strawberry hot wax rub on hubby..


Friday 4 May 2018

Walking With The Force..

Welcome to Friday!!
Plenty of Friday Feeling to spread about... 
Where is the sun today?
Had a nibble...
 At least it's still alive...↓↓
Watching the local council elections.
 Conservatives gained 7 seats
Labour only 3.
Now the our council has gone from Labour to Conservative......
I had my say while all the Consertives were back slapping....
On Twitter earlier↓ 
  1. Replying to @RedStand
    I’m absolutely thrilled thanks to the people of Redditch who’ve put their trust in us

    Light Lunch time 
    Now to leave the house for a walk
     Up the hill ↗↗↗
    On the yellow brick path to the Library..
    Rests the foot...
     We took part in:↓
     My kids made Princess Leia cupcakes
     Then crosswords.
    Yoda ears were next:
     My son then won the Bingo..
    His prize was:↓
    Now for the walk home.
    (Down the hill)
     My foot was hurting when I got back.
    So up it went..↑↑↑
    We had a rare treat of
    Fishcakes and chips for tea. 
    Now to wind down for the weekend with series 3 of:
     As it's a three day Bank Holiday Weekend!


Tuesday 3 October 2017

I'm On My Way .....

It was the day to cheer people up
(Or try to...)
One my friends at the end of my shift of Job 1
Burst into a flood of tears as her husband had lost his job :'(
I too started to cry, and then we both laughed together...
She felt better, I was glad she felt better,as I wiped away my tears.
Next stop, was to cheer up another friend...
A little trip to...
We met up for coffee and a little bit of chat..
Then onwards to Job 2.
I met up with my friend who felt a lot better after our coffee and chat.
We will enjoy more coffee dates in the future..
At least my garden lights are still working..
All ready for what Hump day throws at me tomorrow....