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Friday, 4 May 2018

Walking With The Force..

Welcome to Friday!!
Plenty of Friday Feeling to spread about... 
Where is the sun today?
Had a nibble...
 At least it's still alive...↓↓
Watching the local council elections.
 Conservatives gained 7 seats
Labour only 3.
Now the our council has gone from Labour to Conservative......
I had my say while all the Consertives were back slapping....
On Twitter earlier↓ 
  1. Replying to @RedStand
    I’m absolutely thrilled thanks to the people of Redditch who’ve put their trust in us

    Light Lunch time 
    Now to leave the house for a walk
     Up the hill ↗↗↗
    On the yellow brick path to the Library..
    Rests the foot...
     We took part in:↓
     My kids made Princess Leia cupcakes
     Then crosswords.
    Yoda ears were next:
     My son then won the Bingo..
    His prize was:↓
    Now for the walk home.
    (Down the hill)
     My foot was hurting when I got back.
    So up it went..↑↑↑
    We had a rare treat of
    Fishcakes and chips for tea. 
    Now to wind down for the weekend with series 3 of:
     As it's a three day Bank Holiday Weekend!


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Making The Most Off.....

It's Saturday once more.
Making the most of no work and the sunshine.
I had to book another trip to the Dentist for Tuesday.
As in agony from where I had the fillings put in last Tuesday ;/
Had my hair trimmed at the Hairdressers.(That didn't hurt!)
We looked around the charity shops in Droitwich.
I bought something where I can hide my goodies,
hopefully no one will look in it!