Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 3 October 2017

I'm On My Way .....

It was the day to cheer people up
(Or try to...)
One my friends at the end of my shift of Job 1
Burst into a flood of tears as her husband had lost his job :'(
I too started to cry, and then we both laughed together...
She felt better, I was glad she felt better,as I wiped away my tears.
Next stop, was to cheer up another friend...
A little trip to...
We met up for coffee and a little bit of chat..
Then onwards to Job 2.
I met up with my friend who felt a lot better after our coffee and chat.
We will enjoy more coffee dates in the future..
At least my garden lights are still working..
All ready for what Hump day throws at me tomorrow.... 

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