Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 7 October 2017

Everybody Joining In!

Made the most of a sleeping hubby...
He stood no chance.....😁
Then to get rid of more cobwebs in the sunshine
 Pink Lycra time again...↓↓
One lap of the lake....↓
Off on a road trip to Droitwich...
Hubby picks up his glasses for his snooker season...
I found my angel wings....↓
 I went into a Charity Shop,
And ended up singing as a duo as someone wanted to sing along with me!
The song was ↓
Next charity shop sing-a-long was along with this one:↓
I had some funny looks off some people.
Once the next song came on, some more people joined in with me!
 Now after all that singing, 
my throat was dry..
Now for some coffee...
The tree is turning a nice colour..↓
Got some nice things....
Now to use my warm hands on hubby again..



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