Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 20 October 2017

Rubbing It In...Part 2

Welcome to the Friday Feeling!
It being the last day of term....
I had large dose of chaos,bedlam and madness for the first part of Job 1. 
All under a heavy dark cloud...
 I survived the first part!
Then off to do a First Aid Course for Job 2 
 The cloud followed me....☁
After 5 hours....I was free to get back to Job 1
(the sun was coming out!)
Back to the bedlam and chaos for Job 1
One parent parked on the Zig Zag lines.
Totally ignored me for saying 
"You can't park on those lines...." ↓↓
Smile for the 📸
So glad I can now give my lollipop a rest for a week...:)
Going to rub in some lovely Body Shop body lotion into my skin...
And Hubby is going to have a lucky rub too 😜😉


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