Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Watching The Time Go By...

Welcome to more half term fun....
I had to have another blood test 
(6th this year)
I thought I got there, it won't take too long.
(Boy, was I wrong)
The waiting room was full (at 9.20)
I was sat opposite a older version of Peter Capaldi
He kept dozing off.
(most of the people kept doing as well!)
My number to go in was...
When number 7 was called in, I knew it was going to be long day.
Thank god for Twitter, that helped past the time...
Tall thin long hair woman arrived, sat down,drunk her coffee and played with her phone.She was number 22.
When number 9 called, she got up and left...
When the nurse called out number 11,
some people were having ago at her.
She told them she was on her own,
"Come back tomorrow when it will be quieter."She told them.
5 left.
(I have waited a hour and half, I wasn't going no where!)
The lookalike Peter Capaldi went in
(He was number 16)
Then I got called in afterwards.
10 minutes later, I was free....
 I went to see a friend for chat and coffee.
Ever better later on, my Thone Room is going to be much improved! 🚽
Just need to use some WD40 to undo the fixings to that horrible plastic toilet seat!!

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