Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 23 October 2017

Getting Lots Of Ideas...

Welcome to the start of the Half-Term Holidays.
We had to travel to Worcester to visit the Court.
Queen Victoria was still there
(I visited here back in 2014)
 After a short visit, we needed a Boost.
Now to enjoy another experience from:↓
More ideas to make our bedroom more cosy!
Now ideas for my Living Room.
I might have room for the red rug!
(watch this space) 
This is how my dining table should look like on Christmas Day 🎅
Next we visited Next.
 We went into another shop that was a bit more expensive than Dunelm...
I even got stalked by some Henry's...
Made full use of the Xmas fleece.....🛏
(on our bed that went!)
The towel stand I bought from Dunelm a couple of months ago is so useful!
Those nice blue fluffy towels I bought from Dunelm today were put on it :)
After all the fun,
It's back to writing the new book!

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