Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 15 October 2017

No Sing-A-Long Today!

Back on the Sunday walking wobbly wheel...
 The 🌞 was refusing to come out....↓↓
Nice Autumn shot of the Lake...📸
We walked a good 1.65 miles in 34 minutes!
Made the most of hubby and the warm weather...↓
 We nipped into Morrisons.
I did try some more sing-a-long.
I failed with the first song...↓↓
then next song, I nearly slit my wrists having to listen it....🙉
 The ONLY Smiths song I do like is "Panic".
It was nice to have ice lolly in this warm weather. However the ice lolly melted before I could finish it...
 Nice warm Sunday...
 The next five days on the wobbly work wheel.....
Then it's the
Half term holidays \o/ 


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