Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 9 October 2017

Slow Boat To India

Back on the wobbly work wheel....
Just to start the Monday the worst way,
I got verbally abused by a Polish Car Driver who shouted at me
When he drove past...while doing Job 1
I was so tempted to do a Benny Hill impression on him.
Final day of dishing up the meals at Job 2.
Back to playground duty tomorrow \o/
Lovely view when I finished.↓↓↓
Back to the chaos of the afternoon shift of Job 1.
Cars not stopping.
Good job brakes were invented!
The parents shook their heads...
I had a letter about school trip to India in 2019...
The cost is £3000...
My son want to go...
I pointed out, we won't be able to have holiday for two years...etc
Might even afford a day trip....

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