Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 19 October 2017

Making It Rain More!

Rain was due...☔
It arrived as I was chatting with a parent after I finished the 1st part of Job 1.
Back home in the rain..
Little bit of housework...
Missed the delivery of my Body Shop order 😞
Drove to Job 2 in heavy rain,
Singing very loud to my 60's CD
Making it rain even more...⛆
 As we had wet play.
I drew a picture of me for the kids, to show them I do have another job besides Lunchtime Supervisor....
The rain stopped \o/
The rain came back while I was doing the second part of Job 1. 
By the time I got back from Job 4,
I needed some big hugs from hubby,
All ready for the arrival of the Friday Feeling... 

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