Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 16 October 2017

Having A Bit Too Much Wind!

Back on the wobbly work wheel for the final week.
(Half term holiday next week!)
I caught a lovely sunrise,before I started Job 1
I gets back home to dark clouds....↓
While I tidy up the living room,
I discover my son's diary and pencil case!
So before I go to Job 2.
(I will drop them off at school for him)
Just as I was leaving the house,
I noticed the red sun high in the sky...↓
 I got to Job 2,
The red sun was still there...
The wind was now getting up...
(All thanks to Storm Ophelia)
It was a relief for the sun to go back to yellow for the afternoon shift of Job 1
 The wind was blowing the leaves everywhere....🍃
I nearly lost my Lollipop a few times!

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