Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 28 October 2017

So So Tempting

We had a bit of a lie-in 🛏
Phoned the council up about getting the waste pipe sorted.
Their Plumber said it wasn't classed as a emergency 😮
"Wash the clothes in the washing up bowl."
Nice advice!
So no use of washing machine or kitchen taps to be used until Monday.
Now to get the mobile phone sorted.📱
Had so many chances of taking photos...📵
But no camera at hand 📸😒
I was offered a new mobile....
The temptation was there....↓↓
I had a budget to stick to.....💰
While hubby was sorting out our Broadband.
I had a little play with their Apple music...↓
 Everyone had to listen to a nice offering from Taylor...↓
 Now to hit some 1960's tunes..↓

I was so so tempted to put my current fav 1960s song on......↓↓
And leave it on repeat...😉
After we had left the Mobile Phone Shop.
Time for a pick me up...
 Gets back home.
Added all my apps back onto the new phone.
Even had to add this great song ↓↓ as the ringtone.
(The looks  👀👀👀   I get when my phone rings in public!)

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