Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 29 October 2017

Making Full Use Of The Tape!

We enjoyed the hour extra in 🛏
(Made full use of that 😉)
Stopped for a tea break 
That's better!
Now to take Sexy Beast for ride... 
Those dark clouds are following me..
First to my dads
 Then to Lidl & Dunelm
Picked up something in Lidl's to use on hubby tonight
 Now for some Dunelm Experience↓↓

 After all that looking about...
Coffee time ⛾ 
Now back home to tidy the house.
Leaves were picked up 🍂🍂 
And put in the ↓↓
Then we tidied up the pantry.
 Made full use of the things I bought in the Dunelm Sale....↓↓
It started getting dark at 5pm.
The 16 tog duvet is now on the bed.
All ready for a little play with something..later↓


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