Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 22 October 2017

Reaching For The Soap...

I was up far too early for a Sunday...
Had a cup of tea, and carried on with writing the book...
 Hubby got up, and we were off for another walk
(without the help of Storm Brian)
 Ducks having another Mother's meeting...🦆↓
 We got finished under 30 minutes...
Even the geese flying over head cheered for us!↓↓
 Gets home to change.
Then time for some Dunelm experience..
 That would look nice on our bed...🛏↓↓
 That vegetable rack might have to go on my Xmas list...↑↑↑
 Some more nice duvet covers in the sale...
 I have actually got room for that nice big blue rug..↑↑↑
(watch this space....)
I did actually have room for sandwiches, mince pie and mocha...😍 
It didn't take long for the silence to end...
Ex-plum had a bad case of potty mouth symdrome..💩
He was swearing at my husband over the phone.
Pity he is so far away...\o/
His potty mouth could do with a wash out using that lovely Wright's Coal Tar soap..!

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