Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 1 October 2017

Catch Us If You Can..

Welcome to October!
I was so bad during the night
(Coughing and sneezing)
So I went back to bed at 9am
No to Couch to 5k. 
Later on we went off to get some food shopping..
Nice teapot ↓↓
 In need of a Boost...🚀

To make up for not doing it in the morning.
Pink lycra time..↓
We did another lap around the near-by Lake.↓
Kept the hoodie on,
 as didn't break into too much sweat this time....↓
There was smoke coming off my trainers...↓
Going to try and do a early morning walk before work this week...
Let's hope the sun is shining,
And we don't throw the alarm clock across the bedroom.....
 When it goes off at 5am....!

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