Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 26 October 2017

The Good Day ,The Bad Day, & Nice Cup Of Coffee..

I didn't take up the chance of a lie-in today.
So much to cram in...
First up, to make some shortbread for my mate.
Once that was baked.
Rounded up the kids,
Now in Sexy Beast for a little ride... to ↓
I accidentally interrupted the Teddy Bear's Christmas Lunch🎅
More ideas for me....💬↓↓
 After getting the main item I came in for
(It was for my dad
Time to try their coffee... ⛾
 I acquired more items to my basket,
once I looked around again...
My friend who I saw on Tuesday,
was rushed into hospital yesterday :(
She is hopefully coming out this weekend.
I will visit her with some freshly made shortbread, with added hugs \o/
The results of my recent blood test
Ain't looking too good...
So got to have YET another one next week...
I will remember to bring a coffee, 
And bags of patience....

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