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Sunday 1 October 2023

Singing In The Rain!

 I want to get as thin as my first husband's promises 
- Texas Guinan
Hi all πŸ‘
Since the last update...
Lots have happened...
I only had to write 3 more weeks of blog posts and then I can publish 4 months of blog! 
We celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary last month πŸ’• 
Then I had the bad news next day.
My lovely friend of 30 years had passed away :'(
I hadn't cried so much since my dad passed away three years ago.
I had the afternoon off from my lollipop job to attend her funeral.
It was a lovely service.
It has rained quite a bit since the funeral.
I put it down to me singing a lot more than usual.
Some of the parents said I should hum more...
There was a Macmilliam Coffee Morning in aid of my friend. I made two cakes for the cake competition.
 Pigs in Mud↓↓
 Rainbows and Unicorns↓↓
(6 colours and flavoured)
I put them into the cake competition.
There were 9 entries altogether.
After judging by the WI.
I won First Prize for Pigs in Mud.
I was in shock in winning, I was expecting the wooden spoon.
I dropped some cake around to my late friend's husband, saying:
 "This isn't no ordinary pieces of cake, they are winning pieces of  chocolate cake!" 
The Rainbow cake I am donating to the local Care Home :)
Hopefully by next month,
The blog will be truly up-to-date πŸ‘




Thursday 26 October 2017

The Good Day ,The Bad Day, & Nice Cup Of Coffee..

I didn't take up the chance of a lie-in today.
So much to cram in...
First up, to make some shortbread for my mate.
Once that was baked.
Rounded up the kids,
Now in Sexy Beast for a little ride... to ↓
I accidentally interrupted the Teddy Bear's Christmas LunchπŸŽ…
More ideas for me....πŸ’¬↓↓
 After getting the main item I came in for
(It was for my dad
Time to try their coffee... ⛾
 I acquired more items to my basket,
once I looked around again...
My friend who I saw on Tuesday,
was rushed into hospital yesterday :(
She is hopefully coming out this weekend.
I will visit her with some freshly made shortbread, with added hugs \o/
The results of my recent blood test
Ain't looking too good...
So got to have YET another one next week...
I will remember to bring a coffee, 
And bags of patience....