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Friday, 27 July 2018

I Wonder Why

Welcome to the Friday Feeling...
The sun was out again \o/
Happy Birthday to my friend.
I hope she enjoyed her card...

 Out for a little ride in the Sexy Beast.
 Just starting singing "I Wonder Why" while walking through the Kingfisher Centre. I told Jack that's where his middle name comes from. "Is this Curtis Stigers then?" He grumbled 🙄 I nodded, and carry on singing it to him
After hitting Wilkinsons & Poundland we chill in the Library.
 Gets back to the car to see the temperature going up ↗↗↗↗
Up to 25c.....
Pops into see my dad.
Nothing can be said against the Prodical Son who is visiting him until Wednesday.
Back home to pot a payday treat.
However run out of compost!!
Off to B&Q
 I got two for £7.
All potted :)
Went to do Job 3
Came back with a sweaty face..🍅
 Are we going to expect some rain??
We cleaned out the remaining gerbils.
The grey gerbil, Karen passed away :(
We are down to 4 gerbils and 1 hamster.
As we were expecting to see the Blood Moon tonight...
All we could see was Clouds :(
 We get some red clouds but no blood moon..
Now to use up some Friday Feeling on a willing hubby..... 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Shiny Disco Ball....

Welcome to my Sunday...
We went out in the Sexy Beast to visit Bromsgrove.
Got some bedding for the gerbils....↓
Had to stock up on something we are getting low on...↓
More additions to the Gnome Village↓
Speaking of Disco Balls,
I picked up something that will sparkle when I'm out.....

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sharing Some Adult Time!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
We had a bit of adult time together...😍😎
(Hubby & I cleaned out the large fish tank that contained our 3 femail gerbils)
Bought some bits from Morrisons
 While I did my jobs,
Hubby used his time wisely..
(He played with the mower, and cut the lawn again!)
When I got back...
I used my time even more wisely.....



Sunday, 9 April 2017

More Than Just A Garden Ornament!

Another sunny Sunday!
The blossom is looking lovely in our garden
 Cleaned out our gerbils in the sunshine
 Now using our Chimney for cooking the burgers...
Enjoying the last of the sunshine...
I am going to enjoy my 2 weeks Easter holiday...😎😙
Plenty of sun, sun , and more sun to have!


Saturday, 18 March 2017

So Small But Loveable!

So much for a bit of Saturday Love..💗
No chance!💘
Done little bit of work...
Then off to Bridgnorth to rehome
 two gerbils called Tom & Jerry
Hubby and I cleaned out their cage.
One son doesn't do teamwork,and went off in mood.😖
The other son planted all the plants I bought yesterday.⚘💮
Going to use my warm hands on hubby later,
As Hunt for Red October has now left port for another month...\o/