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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Road Trip Resulting In Coffee!

We all had a lie in.
I wrote out the large shopping list for this week.
Hubby went to Lidl then Morrisons.
Only two more things he needed to get...
I meanwhile listened to the rock n roll channel
Carried on with the new one..
 My turn to have a road trip.
Dropped off the sick note to Job 2
Now off to get more bits for some lovely recipes this week..
 Sun going down ↑↑

I waited in the car...
 Coffee & my reduced sandwich
Third time lucky to get the rest of the goodies \o/
Road trip back home
 Gets home.
Unpacks all the food shopping.
Time for chop chop chop
Lovely :)
Time to remove the kinky boot..
 Now to get down down on that single bed of mine,
To relax & enjoy my hubby ;)


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Shiny Disco Ball....

Welcome to my Sunday...
We went out in the Sexy Beast to visit Bromsgrove.
Got some bedding for the gerbils....↓
Had to stock up on something we are getting low on...↓
More additions to the Gnome Village↓
Speaking of Disco Balls,
I picked up something that will sparkle when I'm out.....

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Adults Only Road Trip....

Welcome to our no kids weekend.
I played with the love sausage....
Then off on our little road trip..
We went through Chipping Campden,
Then we looked around Stow On The Wold
I made a woman laugh at a Church Fete,
When I commented on this:
  "Oh, that's where I have left it!"
Then we visited Chastleton House
Wolf Hall was filmed there.
The long table appeared in the mini-series and hasn't left the room since 1625
Now to enjoy this adult only weekend further!