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Friday 10 November 2023

Enjoying More 007!

My music is best understood by children and animals 
- Igor Stravinsky
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈🎈
Breakfast and Brew.
(Now to add those sexy lumo trousers)
(Rain is forecast)
Out of the house I go.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹ before I left for work.
On goes the winter coat, winter hat,&  waterproof boots.
I go and turn on my lights.
I get my newspaper on the way back to Sexy Beast.
Swaps my newspaper for my big stick.
Now to turn on my other lights.
Let's go to work...🍭
The Blue VW car that went under my stick yesterday, was a bit early for me this morning.
It was really cold but the rain held off!
One BOING given out.
Lots of stopping in the Keep Clear space, which made it a bit hard for me to cross over the children with pushchairs!
Finished in one piece.
Back home.
Nice cup of coffee time.
Put the washing machine on.
Unloaded the dish-washer.
I wrote yesterday's blog post up to 
the liquid lunch.
I talked to hubby on his lunch break.
Now off to complete the work week!
On goes the Winter hat, and winter coat.
I walked with 2 friends to turn on my lights.
I wished one friend a good weekend as he was going home to get warm.
My other friend and me went down to the charity shop for a chat.
I wished them all a good weekend.
I turned on my other lights.
Now to fetch my big stick!
My two friends and I went for a rabbit in the square.
The low lying sun is going to cause problems!
I wished my two friends a good weekend.
Now to finish my last shift of the week.
Oh dear, due to low lying sun,
I had two cars go straight under my stick.
I had to stop a big lorry even those around me, didn't think I could!
One cyclist thinks he is above the law,
I had my stick out, he cycled around it,
"Never stops he don't!" I shouted.
"Told me to do one!" as he ducked down the side road.
Let's hope he doesn't push it luck too often!
Finished in one piece.
Home I go.
Cup of brew time.
Sounds like a good film↓
I Liked the theme tune too :)
Then we carried on from where we left off with Goldeneye.
(We had a hour left)
Tea time.
Hot Tottie Time
That warmed me up!
Now off to a warm bed for more Friday Feeling Fun 🎈


Monday 24 July 2023

Not Long To Go.....

Husbands are like fires. They go out when attended - Zsa Zsa Gabor
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑
Rain due this morning, those sexy lumo trousers have to come out!
Breakfast and Brew.
On goes the sexy lumo trousers.
Puts on my rain mac....
It's going to be a wet one.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹
Gets to work.
Gets on my winter coat, and summer hat.
Walks down the road to turn on my lights and fetches my newspaper.
Goes up the road and turns on my other lights.
Goes back to Sexy Beast, and swaps my newspaper for my big stick.
I watch the rain come down.
Puts on my waterproof gloves....
Let's get to work....🍭
As there is only two schools open.
The traffic was quiet, and only crossed over under 15 people.
Someone from BT Open Reach was looking at the manhole opposite where I stand.
That's going to be interesting later.
Finished in one piece.
Back home I go.
I had a quick coffee.
Then off to the craft room I went to make a cushion cover for a Birthday present.
A good two hours later, I finished!
Liquid lunch time.
Now to do the final Monday afternoon shift.
We have traffic lights just where I work.
I phoned my boss, who after I turned on my first set of lights and tried to cross the road on my crossing, only to find out the traffic lights are coming down before  I start.
My boss wished me a Happy Holidays after Tuesday.
Goes down to the Charity shop, and some more nice bits, comes back and turns on my lights.
Meets up with my friends.
Fetches my big stick.
Photo time!
Rabbit time.
I said goodbye to my friends.
I crossed over about 15 people.
Still light traffic.
Finished in one piece.
Now back home.
Cup of brew is needed.
Sorts out some Council business.
Done my tea.
Now to watch some great films back to back.
Sleep Tea time.
Only one more day to go.....



Saturday 29 April 2023

Need It So Much!

 A gentleman never heard the story before - Austin O'Malley
Welcome to my Saturday Fun πŸ‘…
I work up at my normal weekday time!
Time to watch the sun come up...
We listened to "The Sound of 60s" in bed.
UK Top 3 from 1967 
3: Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
2: Frank and Nancy Sinatra - Something Stupid
1: Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a String
Now for Breakfast and Brew.
Thermal vest still goes on.
Now to go for a little ride...
Special offer on full English Breakfast.
I didn't fancy one.
I had a fruit scone instead.
Hubby had his full English Breakfast.
Once we ate our nibbles.
Time to look around.
Got another one before they sell out!
Paid for my plants.
Hubby's boot is full ;)
We nipped into Morrisons to get the newspaper and other bits.
Great CD I found↓
Tried to use my voucher for my newspaper.
Then the red light came on flashing!
That was soon sorted.
Back home we go.
Unloads all the shopping.
Reaches the gardening gloves and starts to put the plants in the garden.
Halfway, time for a brew with a nibble.
Afterwards hubby took 4 bags of branches down to the Household tip.
Did some weeding.
The new Solar light goes up.
As well a some new lights going around the Pear Street!
Nice to seat out in the garden.
Wrote out the shopping list.
Shopping time!
Middle of the aisle:
I got myself a bottle for later:
Got the shopping.
Just loaded up the car before the rain came down.
We sat in the car and watched the rain come down.
Changed coats and we brought the shopping in the house.
I put the tea in the oven.
We had a few words with the kids over things that has happened today.
Where is that bottle of wine, I need it!
I ate the tea before I  had chance to take a photo!
It was yum!
Now to look into today's newspaper:
UK No.1 on this day in 1955:
 PΓ©rez Prado and his orchestra ► Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White 
UK No.1 on this day in 1978:
Bee Gees - Night Fever
Heardle Time
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My results:
The wine was so nice.
Took the edge of today!
Then we watched two hours of James Whale.
No sleep tea needed tonight.
Aiming for a bit of a lie-in tomorrow!