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Monday 2 July 2018

I Need To Cover Those White Bits Up

Welcome to my Monday!
 In need of some motivation...
 Am I going to return to the 🍭 job after 8 months????
People can't make up their minds If I can or not!
I need a Webbs experience....
Big Big sunglasses time
Time for some 1960's tunes to have on...

 Singing all the way to B3
Now for Mocha Monday  ⛾
Had a nice coffee and chat.
Said goodbye to my friend...
It's getting hot out there...
I went to see another friend for coffee and chat.
(Using up the time before I go back to work!) 
Say goodbye to my friend.
Just got back before kids came home.
Had to go out in the Sexy Beast again 
Nice view from car park
Back home to enjoy a....
I puts the 🍭 coats in the bag ready for work.
I must remember the factor 50 sun cream..
Don't want any white bits getting sun burnt!