Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Down It Comes!

Nice lie-in for a change....
Tea in bed..
Once we got up and got the kids up, the rain came back again..
Wet ride in the Sexy Beast.
 We visited our favourite hotel
( Abbey Hotel) 
to look at lots of lovely items.↑↑↑
 We went to do a bit of Lidl shopping.
I looked in Dunelm....↓↓
 Now to fetch a newspaper for my dad...
 The rain won't stop at all....
 Back home to enjoy coffee with my new coffee cup I got from the Dunelm sale.
 I did my cleaning job,
then back to clean my own house! 
Had a lovely roast chicken tea.
Then more.....of
 No alarm clock needed tomorrow
 As it's Bank Holiday Monday!

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