Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Good Deed Thursday!

Welcome to my Thursday...
 A bit of Kwik Fruit with breakfast ↑↑
 Coffee while waiting for my kids to move...
 *Out of the house....\o/*
First stop was Morrisons...
Got some cleaning supplies...
Then off to Salvation Army Charity Shop.
 Someone is glad to see me!
I love Bagpuss!
 We nipped into Asda on the way home for some bits....
 My new DeadPool t-shirt arrived \o/
 Nice healthy lunch↑
I visited my neighbour who is in our local hospital with some goodies to keep him busy↓
 He was so glad to see me and grateful for everything :)
Gets back in time to do Job
I came back to do Chop Chop
 Beer Braised Beef With Dumplings.
After tea we caught up with new series of Bake Off...again
 I think my baking hand now has stopped itching for a bit....

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