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Monday 22 June 2020

Bagpuss Monday

Confusion is always the most honest response - Marty Indik
Welcome aboard to my tiny Wobbly Work Wheel🎑
 Monday didn't start well...
I had to sleep on the sofa from↓
 Sleeping Beauty was snoring too loudly.
He woke me up later for a brew↓
 I had a warm hug and breakfast.
Still too tired to go for a walk.
Hubby went for the newspaper.
I gave him a sloppy πŸ’‹ before he went off to the office.
I went back to Zzzzzz to catch up.
Once I got up,
Hot shower to restart the day.
Tidy time.
Tidied up our boudoir.....
Washing machine went on 3 times.
I ordered more Zoflora.. 
 Next up to be tidied up:
Dining room,
Living room.
Hung out the wet washing.
Quick coffee
 Quick read of the newspaper↓
 Jimmy Somerville is a Scottish pop singer and songwriter. He sang in the 1980s with the pop groups Bronski Beat and The Communards, and has also had a solo career.He is 59 years old 🎈
 Mike Edwards, singer of Jesus Jones, is 56 years old🎈
  Gets my Bagpuss out of the car for Tea at 3 later.
Nice blue skies↓
 Collecting newspaper clippings on Sir Ian Holm who died on last Friday↓
I tried to find his 2004 autobiography.
None was on Amazon, £35 upwards on Ebay.
Waterstones actually had it for £9.99.
I even bought Guinness Book World Records for my youngest son's birthday next Monday. 
Tea at 3 with Bagpuss 
I got 5/6 on the Tv Themes Quiz
I gets the tea in the big wok pan.
It was ready for hubby when he got through the door
(Good Timing)
Meat-Free Stir Fry ↓
 It was nice to sit out in the garden↓
 Now off to work↓
 Big tune↓
 Still sunny when I got home↓
 I had a early sleep tea.
I watched the newspaper review on Sky.
Hubby was falling asleep....
Off, off off to bed we go....
Double ear plugs inserted.....
All ready for the Bikini πŸ‘™ to come out tomorrow \o/


Thursday 30 August 2018

Good Deed Thursday!

Welcome to my Thursday...
 A bit of Kwik Fruit with breakfast ↑↑
 Coffee while waiting for my kids to move...
 *Out of the house....\o/*
First stop was Morrisons...
Got some cleaning supplies...
Then off to Salvation Army Charity Shop.
 Someone is glad to see me!
I love Bagpuss!
 We nipped into Asda on the way home for some bits....
 My new DeadPool t-shirt arrived \o/
 Nice healthy lunch↑
I visited my neighbour who is in our local hospital with some goodies to keep him busy↓
 He was so glad to see me and grateful for everything :)
Gets back in time to do Job
I came back to do Chop Chop
 Beer Braised Beef With Dumplings.
After tea we caught up with new series of Bake Off...again
 I think my baking hand now has stopped itching for a bit....

Sunday 2 July 2017

It's Red,Bad, & Dangerous To Know

It was nice to see a movie this morning.
 Very funny film with a great 80's soundtrack
Once kids spend some time with their dad..
It was lunch for hubby and I.
Looked at some nice garden furniture for our front garden...
 Decided to Pimp up my Sexy Beast.
 Not to be content with 2 Georges and 1 Zippy from Rainbow.
I needed something eXtra special...