Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Making Full Use Of Sunday!

Welcome to my Sunday...
It was nice to have a little lie-in...🛏
 Tea in bed....⛾
At least the rain is keeping off..
Comes back from Job 
Hubby is still waiting to do the food shopping with kids,the kids are taking their time...
 Get some sunshine on these white pins of mine...
Hubby comes back from the food shopping
 Nibble time!
We then tidied up the house.
Used the washing machine.
Hung washing on the line.
Fingers crossed the rain keeps off.
Now for some fresh air...
 Nice car in front.↑↑↑
Gets back home to have a light tea.
Cheese and ham toasties..
Now to relax and watch yet more...
 Nice relaxing song to finish Sunday with...
All for a busy week ahead..


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