Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 20 August 2018

Not On Your Nelly!

Monday's back!
I was out early as I had a trip to the Doctors.
*I have been waiting for 3 weeks*
For the past 2 weeks, I have been having annoying text messages to see if I wanted to cancel it!!
*Not On Your Nelly!*
 It starts to rain,
(The washing is still out and getting wet!)
 No blue skies today!
Back home after half an hour.
Coffee and nibble time! 
 We nip to Lidl.
Drops off my dad's newspapers.
Back for a early lunch.
 Angela the Gerbil enjoying a slice of cucumber.
Now out to enjoy some coffee ⛾
Parks in Car Park 7↓↓
 Free coffee and cake.
The local MP was on holiday, 
But her minions turned up taking videos and photos of the event...
The Mayor turned up late.
She was dressed head to toe in pink,
So was I.😉
It was a scene like in the video for "White Flag".
She looks at me when I wasn't looking.
I look at her and she turns her head!
 I won a voucher for afternoon tea at a posh hotel, which normally costs £30+
That's going to be used for our Wedding Anniversary next month...
*7th Wedding Anniversary* 
 We leave to go home.
As I have to go to Job.
The food hasn't disappeared this time.
However I have to clean.... ↓↓↓
The dark rain clouds are coming over.
Rain time...🌧
Back home to do the evening meal.
 Meat-free Stir Fry
More dark clouds coming over...
Come back sunshine all is forgiven!

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