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Monday 3 September 2018

Every Which Way But Loose Again...

Welcome to my Monday's Wobbly Work Wheel...
"Smile Jaws, it's Monday!"
 The alarm went off....
Out I jumped for a hot shower...🚿 
Now for tea... ↓
 Had breakfast...
Now to wear the new t-shirt...
I left the house in plenty of time to do the updated Safeguarding...
 The normal way I go to school, turned into a trail of cars not moving. The blue car in front of me, did a 3 point turn and went past me.
I did the same.
She carried on up the Bromsgrove Highway..
 I went through  Tardebigge to get to the Hanbury Turn Pub. When I reached the pub to turn left, the blue car was in front of me!
She carried on in front, through Stoke Prior and then turned off soon after into the Industrial Estate.
Her blue car and my red car, reminded me of a certain advert....
I get to where I had to go, with ten minutes to spare.
The car park not open...
 Table for one?
After I finished the updated Safeguarding.
I had to travel to the otherside of Bromsgrove for a job interview.
I start on Saturday morning, to see if I can get up early.....
Popped in to see my dad, and pick up my kids.
 Finally got home!
 Had a light lunch...
I had a email from one of the jobs I applied for during the six week holiday.
I have a job interview next week :)
After I did Job.
Made the most of sitting in the garden with the sunshine..
 I had a nice stir-fry.
Got the necessary things to make my 7th Wedding Anniversary card tomorrow.... 
I have doors closing and more doors opening....

Monday 20 August 2018

Not On Your Nelly!

Monday's back!
I was out early as I had a trip to the Doctors.
*I have been waiting for 3 weeks*
For the past 2 weeks, I have been having annoying text messages to see if I wanted to cancel it!!
*Not On Your Nelly!*
 It starts to rain,
(The washing is still out and getting wet!)
 No blue skies today!
Back home after half an hour.
Coffee and nibble time! 
 We nip to Lidl.
Drops off my dad's newspapers.
Back for a early lunch.
 Angela the Gerbil enjoying a slice of cucumber.
Now out to enjoy some coffee ⛾
Parks in Car Park 7↓↓
 Free coffee and cake.
The local MP was on holiday, 
But her minions turned up taking videos and photos of the event...
The Mayor turned up late.
She was dressed head to toe in pink,
So was I.😉
It was a scene like in the video for "White Flag".
She looks at me when I wasn't looking.
I look at her and she turns her head!
 I won a voucher for afternoon tea at a posh hotel, which normally costs £30+
That's going to be used for our Wedding Anniversary next month...
*7th Wedding Anniversary* 
 We leave to go home.
As I have to go to Job.
The food hasn't disappeared this time.
However I have to clean.... ↓↓↓
The dark rain clouds are coming over.
Rain time...🌧
Back home to do the evening meal.
 Meat-free Stir Fry
More dark clouds coming over...
Come back sunshine all is forgiven!

Monday 11 June 2018

Going,Going ,Gone...

Welcome to Monday!
 The sun was up the sky...
Big big sunglasses time↓↓
The temperature is going ↗↗↗
 Nice to be B3
 Nice bit of coffee,toast, and chat.
Goes back to my Sexy Beast, and finds the Jaguar wants more of my parking space!
 Off to enjoy some blue skies...
 Gets back home to see my Sleep Tea has arrived!
 Out comes Kane to make more cake...
 Has a sneaky coffee while cake is in the oven.
 Nice magazine come through the post...↑
 The drive is coming along...
 Enjoying the blue skies...↑
The sun is going, going, gone...
 Another Birthday tomorrow...
More balloons,
More homemade cake
Homemade card... 


Monday 4 June 2018

No Killer Red Heels This Time!

Welcome to Monday....
Once everyone left the house,
Time for nibbles!
Had a little play with Henry..
 The builders came to start on the drive.
Out came the coffee and biscuits..
 The slabs are up now!

↑Ruby loving a bit of cucumber↑

 End of day one of drive digging↑↑
I needed to start on my Serial Killer book.
 I got past the first chapter...\o/
 Sat outside for some fresh air...
Meat-Free Monday...

Got all the clothes ready for the Job Interview tomorrow...
No red 4 inch high  Killer heels...
(No clip clop sounds of my heels! )
I will be wearing some other red colour shoes, but not crocs!