Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 4 June 2018

No Killer Red Heels This Time!

Welcome to Monday....
Once everyone left the house,
Time for nibbles!
Had a little play with Henry..
 The builders came to start on the drive.
Out came the coffee and biscuits..
 The slabs are up now!

↑Ruby loving a bit of cucumber↑

 End of day one of drive digging↑↑
I needed to start on my Serial Killer book.
 I got past the first chapter...\o/
 Sat outside for some fresh air...
Meat-Free Monday...

Got all the clothes ready for the Job Interview tomorrow...
No red 4 inch high  Killer heels...
(No clip clop sounds of my heels! )
I will be wearing some other red colour shoes, but not crocs!

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